My Child (2013)


Director Can Candan

Writer Can Candan

Genre Documentary, Family

Year 2013

Actors Sule Ceylan, Ömer Ceylan, Günseli Dum, H. Metehan Ozkan

IMDB : 8.2 (228 votes)


Description What happens when your child comes out to you? In this feature documentary, parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender individuals in Turkey intimately share their experiences with the viewer, as they redefine what it means to be parents, family, and activists in this conservative, homophobic, and trans-phobic society.


  • LionelWitchieWardrob 2017-03-11 19:47:33
    This looks so poor visually. It looks like a low budget TV movie.
  • Cody Okinsky 2017-02-27 20:41:22
    don't hate me but i think franco is good as a director to
  • Bambilicous C 2016-11-24 21:07:53
    Great acting mister Haze....
  • Mr Ghost 2016-11-22 14:15:46
    Kinda fucked up my two nieces are in this movie, they are at 1:31.
  • Andrew Murphy 2016-11-22 08:33:03
    Finished the book the other day, watched this film the next. Was actually pleasantly surprised. Franco did a pretty decent adaptation and kept true to the novel.
  • Kaylick Whiskeyjack 2016-10-09 16:10:36
    a lot of the people commenting on this movie saying it sucks don't know what they're talking about. Most of the complaints they are making here are completely missing the point of the novel, or they have never read it, and because of this they are trashing the movie.
  • Kaylick Whiskeyjack 2016-10-09 15:57:44
    I watched this movie as soon as I finished the book. I thought it was great! They really got it right. I do recommend the book first though.
  • Hauzuwienix 2016-08-18 04:16:19
    Read the book yesterday. I had a Tarantino-Version with Tom Hardy as Ballard in mind. Last page said, there was a movie of it already by James Franco. What I saw in this trailer, he turned the book into a movie 1:1. Have to see it! By the way, not even the book tells you how the two people in the car died. But who the hell cares?!
  • johnny smith 2016-08-12 00:14:22
    I thought Scott Haze was brilliant in this. He and the film deserve more recognition in my opinion.
  • Milan Bleich 2016-06-26 00:06:44
    havent read the book or seen the movie yet but i dont get why so many people dismiss the movie without even watching it first. i also dont understand why people slam the trailer so much seems decent to me. are people trying to be edgy or what the hell is the matter? im going to give it a chance and watch it and decide later.. true the score on rotten tomatoes isnt that good but then again i have seen movies before that didnt have a good rating and i still enjoyed them. also a lot of boring blockbuster movies get a really high score. movies i dont really think deserve so much praise. i dont know about james franco though.. dont really like him as an actor :) then again i havent seen him in a lot of movies i might be suprised one day.
  • sizlax 2016-05-22 05:22:11
    I don't even understand how the first 2 people died. It looks like he just randomly looked in the car and they were dead in the back seat, for reasons.... Also how is this movie ending good... He's a shoe-less one armed man in the early spring with nowhere to go and a town that wants him dead. Sure he escaped the angry mob but he killed a bunch of girls in the 40's, there's gonna be blood to pay and nowhere he can hide. I'd give the guy a week at most until he's dead, if not from the townspeople then from infection due to lack of medical training when it comes to continued treatment of his freshly amputated arm. He'd likely die from the common cold given his present scenario. Oh and I'm never going to get that scene out of my head of him trying to wipe his nasty ass with that stick, EW!
  • Em Vambell 2016-03-02 15:42:10
    How does it compare to the book?
  • danny allen 2016-02-11 06:19:34
    I haven't seen this movie but I feel like the trailer gave away more than a few significant plot points
  • Patriot Jefferson 2015-11-25 00:01:51
    This movie looks terrifying! :(
  • Brenda Goodman 2015-11-23 01:17:51
    A fearless performance!!! For anyone to "act" like their doing the things that this guy does. I Have to & I mean I'm forced to within, wonder about the condition of his soul to be able to pull this role off & with a nature that doesn't seem to feel secondary but rather who he may actually be at heart.. I started this movie alone, I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. I could not stop, it was like some horrific train wreck in slow motion & by the time it was over I started questioning myself as to what kind of human being I am to have watched. I don't...judge? I think is the word I'm looking for when it comes to movies because I'm in love with films & when I say that I don't mean I just like going to the movies, I mean I actually study films & I've been doing it for nearly forty yrs. now, so when I see something like this, I wonder, in shock, have we become so desensitized to watching anything where anything goes that we're at a point of no return & so they can just put the most awful horrid demeaning violent acts against each other & show it so in depth it's like we are right in the scene with them as a willing bystander not just condoning it but cheering them on??? Because that's what it seems like to me. Is nothing sacred anymore? & In order to feel something when watching a movie mankind needs this shit to get his rocks off so he can actually feel something because the good old fashioned love story or Holocaust story just doesn't cut it any more. This put's us pretty far past morally bankrupt. I'm shocked that this is a James Franco movie!! Now I can't watch anything related to him ever again because in my soul he is a sick twisted phuck!!
  • Philip Kristo 2015-11-22 17:19:37
    Anyone else notice the mountain bike with the tree guards on the handle bars in the opening auction scene? lol
  • unchartedrocks1 2015-11-08 01:17:54
    trailer song please????
  • shrem9 2015-10-29 05:37:50
    39min into da film He's fuckin the dead girl! Wtf!!! Ahahahahahaha someone needs to kill this guy, I think it might be Franco! Ahahaha
  • Yale Chick 2015-08-31 06:34:47
    my fave of all time..Franco rules
  • Malik Hogue 2015-05-08 02:04:46
    People are such cocksuckers lol like seriously if you don't like something then why are you commenting why do you watch the trailer over and over again just do you can pick out everything you think is wrong with it. Like in sorry are you an award winning actor or director? No?! So i guess your opinion really means shit all haha

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