Jobriath A.D. (2012)

Jobriath A.D. (2012)

Director Kieran Turner

Writer Kieran Turner

Genre Documentary

Year 2012

Actors Jerry Brandt, Jayne County, Dennis Christopher, Joe Elliott

IMDB : 7.7 (86 votes)


Description Called "The American Bowie," "The True Fairy of Rock & Roll" and "Hype of the Year," Jobriath's reign as the first openly gay rock star was brief and over by 1975. Now, 35 years later, "Jobriath A.D." spotlights his life, music, groundbreaking influence and the new generations of fans slowly re-discovering him.


  • radokhlebov 2012-06-26 12:51:30
    Could I ever heard him in GTA series?
  • MsRadman21 2012-06-25 20:40:33
    Looks fucking awesome. Can't wait to see it at Outfest
  • the blahs 2012-06-25 18:23:20
    I've never even heard of this motherfucker.
  • Luke Shuttleworth 2012-06-25 18:04:57
    wow this is amazing news. i fucking love jobriath!
  • nburna330 2012-06-25 16:44:13
    checkout my channel
  • Trevor Habig 2012-06-25 16:03:25
    can't wait! :D
  • glarcon 2012-06-25 15:58:02
    thank god you pointed that out
  • g7thebeatmaker 2012-06-25 14:24:53
    if this is a movie promotion shouldn't the category be "Film & Animation"
  • Calvin Brown 2012-06-25 14:23:22
  • hereitgosagain12 2012-06-25 14:19:19
  • Pee Bee 2012-06-25 14:15:17

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