Sexing the Transman (2011)


Director Buck Angel

Genre Documentary, Drama

Year 2011

Actors Margaret Cho, Ian Harvie, Selene Luna, Lucas Silveira


Description This intriguing documentary explores the sexuality of transmen and the changes they experience as a result of their gender transitions from female to male. Transmen and their partners divulge the most personal secrets of their sex lives in revealing conversations and intimate interviews. Some erotic scenes are shown.


  • Jaqua Brown 2017-01-03 23:12:04
    these people are fucked up n the head
  • Mariano Sibuet 2015-04-26 05:45:28
    buck your so sexy... im from argentina. love you man..
  • zakura qasm 2014-08-10 08:52:57
  • zakura qasm 2014-07-31 21:31:08
    bofs qolqol hahahaha
  • zakura qasm 2014-07-31 21:29:34
    crazy animal and animal life eat shit
  • Cheline Aguilar 2014-07-06 06:24:01
  • Samadhi Arts 2014-06-26 01:06:44
    Buck Angel my Hero!
  • William Cate 2014-05-30 21:04:56
    Ash is very hot.
  • Johann Coetzee 2014-05-18 15:01:00
    wow were can i get Ayden address he is cool
  • IMBROKENLEG 2014-02-13 10:01:41
    would love to see this, is it on netflix now?
  • Majestic Manabe 2013-12-19 07:03:50
    wow that faggot doesn't deserve an Orange amp
  • ligable 2013-06-16 12:18:19
    You get shot with a needle in your ass/hip area every day/week/three months just to remove all the hair.. seems a bit counter productive eh?
  • Lord Marvin 2013-05-08 15:18:56
    Is it a thing with transmen that they have to grow hair out of every orifice just to put the point across
  • BuckAngel Entertainment 2013-03-14 19:55:10
    Actually I have POC in my films. Maybe you should check it out as well as the XXX versions. I am NOT a person of color but I try my best to include and hope that you will see that with the sexing the transman series. Thank You Buck Angel
  • celiebreedlove 2013-03-08 17:52:57
    i appreciate this step towards a fuller conversation around sexuality and trans identity but at the moment, this is looking more like sexing the *white* transman. sexuality and gender in the queer community operate differently for people of color and needs to be explored. this is playing in oakland and i am excited to check it out!
  • khloe abraham 2013-02-23 22:23:06
    come this summer sweden plz love ya<3
  • mirabai 2012-12-18 22:05:47
    Buck, where can we find a copy of this film?
  • BuckAngel Entertainment 2012-11-20 01:19:25
    Hey Tiffany thank you so much for coming to see the film and I am so happy you enjoyed it. WOOF! Buck
  • The_eye_which_sees_within 2012-11-07 02:36:11
    And to add one thing...I actually admire you and I know you're not homophobic. But it's unfortunate to sell the film this way. And given that you're not homophobic, it doesn't seem too much to point out that this tagline is exclusionary.
  • The_eye_which_sees_within 2012-11-07 02:33:58
    I didn't "assume", I was basing it on the tagline from the film. Why use that specific phrase if there are gay transmen in the film? That's exclusionary.

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