Role Play (2011)


Director Jolene Adams

Genre Comedy

Year 2011

Actors Ed Crasnick


Description A Host, a therapist and a panel of comedic actors help a celebrity guest explore a personal issue using the most intense and entertaining form of role-playing that exists, psychodrama - a spontaneous therapy technique.


  • MYSTERIOUS DRAGON 2017-02-04 22:36:46
    it's a bitch to register but it's actually easier since I found the rules so I can answer the questions right
  • Bleach Bleach 2017-01-28 13:24:47
    Gay server, just awful
  • Damir Ivković Ivandekić 2017-01-26 21:48:55
    i hope u die as server and ur fuking long account creation and character system
  • Sergey Svetlakov 2017-01-21 21:45:51
    fucked up server
  • Rj gamer 2017-01-12 13:13:54
    WTF los santos roleplay i can't even pass the test in 1 year
  • Joe Mamma 2017-01-07 21:38:20
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  • JonoX 2016-12-13 13:48:15
    The comments on this video are basically just people complaining that they can't register
  • Ricky Flow 2016-08-31 02:56:46
    Is this video recorded from the same server? with the same people?
  • RAI DX 2016-07-16 10:52:59
    help i cant registered its soo hard
  • Mихаил Zлобин 2016-06-19 09:23:29
    Cool! Soon I be)
  • The Mighty Warrior 2016-05-30 20:01:13
    YAY i registered on the server :D
  • De Freeman 2016-05-09 10:35:16
    I miss ryder blocc families ;( who's still need Rbf in 2016 ?
  • dingdangdong 2016-04-19 18:06:56
    it needs to be super good
  • Jingle Jangle 2016-04-08 14:09:28
    The douchebags on the server keep denying my application and they keep on coming up with different reasons my application was not accepted. I seriously fixed everything they wanted me to fix and they keep coming up with stupid reasons not to accept my application. Fucking piece of shits!
  • OGM Beats 2016-04-05 14:23:10
    I can't play because I don't know the Ls rp denied my every time the application after 3 hours typing th rules and the history somebody help me
  • WaffleGamerHD 2016-03-31 21:43:33
    I did register and loged in but server wont let me in.Help
  • CAveR -_- 2016-03-18 05:46:14
    Классный сервер!
  • Imran 2016-02-27 13:09:08
    Visit my channel, I have many videos on the way, don't forget to subscribe!!
  • Egzonnzz Gaming 2016-01-19 18:14:10
    its fucking hard to register, BUT!!!!!! i never gonna stop trying ,
  • orca1123 2016-01-17 02:41:20
    Even if the registration process is hard, it keeps most of the trolls etc away and to be honest - it worths its butthurt to register.

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