Private Romeo (2011)

Private Romeo (2011)

Director Alan Brown

Writer Alan Brown, William Shakespeare (adapted from the play "Romeo and Juliet")

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2011

Actors Hale Appleman, Charlie Barnett, Adam Barrie, Chris Bresky

IMDB : 5.9 (1,667 votes)


Description A modern take on Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Set at an isolated all-boys military academy, it follows the forbidden relationship between two cadets.


  • Maximillieni 2017-02-12 07:32:25
    Je vais aller le regarder ^^
  • POOL ALMONTE VILLALVA 2015-11-13 02:00:00
    alguien que me pase el link para ver la película por favor...!!!
  • Ew Tom Blue hood 2015-10-19 08:27:53
    Seth Numrich yay
  • Alexis Nketia 2015-07-31 02:22:17
    is there a way to watch this without downloading or buying anything? this movie seems really good
  • brcaxias 2015-06-05 01:44:56
    Imagina um mundo sem homofobia. Uma academia militar só de homens onde os homens convivem e se namoram, conversam com os colegas sobre a beleza do outro, nos momentos de folga pedem em namoro o colega. Enfim, um lugar diferente da nossa realidade. Mas, cuidado! Eu não falei em perfeição. Apenas estou falando de um lugar sem homofobia. Nesse ambiente, existe uma rusga entre duas famílias italianas que atravessa séculos. E de repende, todo o horror se reconstrói: intolerância, violência, ciúme, jogo de poder, hipocrisia ...  Soldado Romeu é um filme legal, aponta para uma situação que talvez venha ocorrer, o fim da homofobia. Mas e daí? O que vamos fazer? Será que a homofobia será substituída por outra coisa, ainda inominada. Será que sentiremos saudades da homofobia? Será que o ser humano sempre funciona assim, combatendo uma coisa, generalizando, demonstrando sua ignorância. Não sei. O que sei é que somos Homo sapiens, mas já fomos Homo erectus. Quando começamos enterrar nossos mortos, tudo mudou e chegamos até aqui. O que será que está faltando para sermos outro bicho? O filme é muito bom, pena que a linguagem medieval vai deixar muitas pessoas fora do contato com ele.
  • Kevin Dysart the Victorious 2015-04-23 23:35:00
    I'm about halfway through and I am officially confused. Are the characters rehearsing for the play? Do they think they are in the play? ? ? ? ?
  • Dylan Dang 2014-09-09 02:52:52
    Does it have the same ending as the play? I don't wanna see them die :(
  • Hồ Phú Vinh 2014-08-31 19:35:47
    Does anybody know what's the name of the song in this trailer?? Please tell me!!
  • Cali Smith 2014-07-13 02:05:37
    I remember when people didn't argue useless battles. Yelling at gay people will make them no less gay and the same for religious people. I remember the bible saying something about stoning the woman in divorces. Seems we Christians have forgotten all the words in the bible.
  • loav1 2014-01-09 15:07:28
    Seriously, people still bash gay/lesbian people? Grow the F up. We're living in 2014. As for people using the so called "bible" as an excuse to attack gay/lesbian people, get over it! Some people are gay or lesbian, and you're bashing ain't going to change that, just like how you can't change a Chinese into a White. Furthermore, make your own decision instead of following a book that is centered around ancient times where the laws, culture, etc are different to the laws or culture we have now. If you're gonna live by the bible, why don't you go all the way (e.g. bash deaf and blind people because in the bible they are considered possessed by demon, don't have sex till your married, etc). It never seize to amaze me how people love using the bible to attack gay/lesbian people yet ignored the rest of the flaws the bible have.
  • sean1981450 2013-10-18 22:53:28
    I wish I could understand anything.
  • Julian Valdez 2013-09-27 09:43:15
  • Alyssa Monet Mason 2013-08-19 21:37:00
    This was a Perfect movie. It interpreted the original play very well, and the actors were outstanding!!!!! It seemed like they were soooo into it, which made even more and...yeah, great job Alan Brown<3 Btw- you can see the actual movie on Hulu.
  • NarlieGemini01 2013-06-04 10:43:43
    I'm already lesbian myself very long.. Tho, for some homophobic really needs to give it up and stop hating. I'm Jewish myself & for real God is forgiving God and doesn't punish gay and lesbians.. He loves everyone no matter what's in their background. Even tho for strong religion for being a troll about it, they will never be stopped. Everyone is beautiful and trolling is for losers. For crying out loud if I've seem troll being homophobic should stop judging them for what they are.. Gay is love!
  • NarlieGemini01 2013-06-04 10:36:43
    And what makes you, gay hater? Gay and lesbians are human being and have feelings just like everyone else.. That doesn't mean you have to be a troll for insulting this cute movie.
  • Zoidut Studioz 2013-05-26 07:30:44
  • Raquel Salas 2013-05-22 07:17:37
    I absolutely love this movie. The actors and the acting was something I want to see in other performances. My new favorite!! BTW, Does anyone knows the song at the end?
  • azraelisrael 2013-04-10 05:54:14
    Muy buena quien la tienes completa o donde la puedo ver completa por favor diganme si lo saben
  • Wilmar Jun Elopre 2013-04-01 23:01:01
    This has been my most favorite movie after The Love Of Siam. :)
  • Reeves Lancaste 2013-03-15 22:25:35
    Anyone know the stringed piece in this trailer?

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