The Runaways (2010)

The Runaways (2010)

Director Floria Sigismondi

Writer Floria Sigismondi (screenplay), Cherie Currie (book)

Genre Biography, Drama, Music

Year 2010

Actors Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon, Stella Maeve

IMDB : 6.6 (40,204 votes)


Description A coming-of-age biographical film about the 1970s teenage all-girl rock band The Runaways. This film also explores the relationship between band members Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.


  • Anavi D 2014-02-04 03:26:15
    I like 
  • Farah Shah 2014-02-03 15:13:17
    this movie is so terrible because of the actresses which i don't like that much.why is there any other actresses xpp
  • puppylove232 2014-01-31 16:58:58
    I love this film so much
  • lemonjellies 2014-01-19 13:55:41
    Chick flick
  • Wesley C 2014-01-16 23:27:50
    kristen played as young joan jett
  • NIGHT2PWN 2014-01-07 04:09:30
    i love rock n roll!!!
  • ruben garcia 2014-01-04 20:43:05
    awesome movie just saw it last night and even though I do not like Kristen Stewart but she was good in this movie and Scout Taylor Compton did a great job as Lita Ford.
  • Nici G 2014-01-02 10:21:53
    They must've spent a fortune on CGI'ing kristen stewart's smile
  • Silkblu1989 2013-12-30 08:41:51
    Love this trailer and the movie was ok.
  • jorg1206 2013-12-07 02:33:51
    Terrible, shallow movie, sorry guys (or should I say girls?). Nothing but clichés, staying on the safe side, and no depth at all. A lot more could/should've come out of this story. Only reason for watching was Michael Shannon in a hilarious, very nicely played role of Kim Fowley. C'mon: girls can do better than this!
  • cam maitlin 2013-11-24 20:54:43
    Awesome film. I love joan jett!
  • Aries Wild Child 2013-11-24 04:10:00
    This girl go right way!
  • Gabby Lamaire 2013-11-09 22:24:45
    Taylor Momsen was busy being an ACTUAL rockstar, people....
  • Shakii Chanel 2013-10-27 23:57:18
    Crimson and clover , by joan jett
  • Renan3695 2013-10-27 19:38:10
    Ty man :D
  • theodora daveli 2013-10-27 12:25:53
    i think it's Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Crimson & Clover
  • Renan3695 2013-10-26 12:51:08
    Someone please tell me the name of the song that starts at 0:48?
  • Miguel Perez 2013-10-23 14:18:55
    I love this movie, Dakota Fanning is the real deal
  • th3c00ki3m0n5t3r 2013-10-21 02:44:25
    Someone upload the full movie!! Please!
  • Adam Levine 2013-10-19 03:11:03
    what's the name of the first song in this trailer?

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