A Few Days of Respite (2010)

A Few Days of Respite (2010)

Director Amor Hakkar

Writer Amor Hakkar

Genre Drama

Year 2010

Actors Marina Vlady, Amor Hakkar, Samir Guesmi, Shimon Ben Lulu

IMDB : 7.0 (33 votes)


Description The meeting between two clandestine homosexuals and Iranian and a single woman


  • Samuel Glover 2013-09-24 15:32:11
    I just love this movie with it's sensitivity and realism of Pim and Gino. It brings me back to when I was young myself with feelings that were not expected in the 70's. My favorite scene is the first motorcycle ride of Pim and Geno. Mathias and Jelle were perfect age for this movie and roles they played. I hope they continue and produce more good movie characters from this tinny Flemish part of Belgium. Good Luck guys!
  • Harvey Taylor 2013-05-04 21:35:18
    shit movie

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