Dare (2009)

Dare (2009)

Director Adam Salky

Writer David Brind

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2009

Actors Emmy Rossum, Cady Huffman, Ashley Springer, Matthew Garrick

IMDB : 5.9 (3,652 votes)


Description A drama centered around three high school seniors - an aspiring actress, her misfit best friend, and a loner - who become engaged in an intimate and complicated relationship.


  • Elena Kendrick 2016-07-10 21:14:32
    I like the original short film better...
  • Ganymede1135 2016-03-05 21:58:46
    I am a big fan of the original short film and look forward to watching this version. The cast is just awesome and judging from the trailer, this looks very good.
  • Jhames Luuse 2016-02-10 21:21:00
    Adorei esse filme. Me identifiquei bastante...
  • Gpod Joe 2016-01-21 06:15:01
    Shouldn't the gay guy be hotter than the straight guy?
  • BeingErin 2015-02-10 07:06:28
    Surprisingly enjoyed this movie.
  • Gustavo Arcila 2014-11-11 23:52:48
    ajajaajajaajaaja fuck yeahhh!...I found the song from minute one , it turned out that I had, it was fun because in my facebook was published the month of indie music , and finding music from my lap top to upload , I found her at 2 months to look for it , jajajaajja , well I leave the name of the song , write what you think and give me like , bye friends, the other songs non 've searched , try a song identifier or review soundtracks , the band is shy child , the song ; summer . enjoy r1456 ... lucky friend, have good taste . I Latin, sorry for the spelling .
  • MsAeep 2014-05-09 14:37:33
    First song is: something for rockets -i never know
  • Rekiyah Esquibel 2014-03-22 09:58:28
    Just finished watching it on Netflix and I'm completely confused... So I'm thinking he's 'bi' cuz that's what it seemed like but idk And what was up with the ending scene, I'm lost O_o
  • Cindy Rogers 2014-03-14 00:16:08
    So to he gay?
  • H8D3NXCore 2014-02-02 21:39:02
    I loved this movie. However the very last scene just confused me. Can someone elaborate on it please? When Alexis is asked by the guy if she is part of the play is the scene im referring too.
  • splashpont 2014-01-01 23:33:28
    Watch DARE-Short film, available in its entirety on YouTube.
  • Ligia ryan 2013-12-03 18:22:40
    Can somebody please explain the end for me!
  • Derek Christian 2013-11-22 02:13:03
    Third song is All ok by Something For Rockets
  • Charmaine Boyd 2013-11-05 22:16:57
    I'm 13 and watching this movie made me question high school boys even more.
  • mary mountbaton 2013-10-20 10:47:50
    I am so adicted to rooney mara :D which part does she play in this movie ?
  • zoka mars 2013-06-19 19:11:01
    This movie is confusing and great at the same time!
  • Basil3000 2013-06-09 14:40:38
    This movie is based on the 2005 short film entitled Dare.
  • ChannelSixSixNine 2013-03-15 06:46:26
    don't know if they did this on purpose but the clock tower in the background at 0:24 behind Ben looks like Big Ben. coincidence? I think not. subliminal triple entendroversy? it's possible. Godard on Godard may have the answers. it's a good read anyway
  • theanamono92 2013-03-11 05:32:04
    Is this is just like the movie threesome
  • Marllon 2013-02-14 09:49:32
    Shallow much? It's a drama, not a porno.

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