Brideshead Revisited (2008)

Brideshead Revisited (2008)

Writer Andrew Davies, Jeremy Brock, Evelyn Waugh (novel)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2008

Actors Matthew Goode, Thomas Morrison, David Barrass, Anna Madeley

IMDB : 6.7 (9,956 votes)


Description WWII. Charles Ryder, in his civilian life, rose out of his middle class London background, which includes being an atheist and having a distant relationship with his eccentric father, to become an up and coming artist. He is currently an army officer, who is stationed at a makeshift camp set up at Brideshead estate before imminently getting shipped into battle. The locale, which is not unfamiliar to him, makes him reminisce about what ended up being his doomed relationship with Brideshead's owners, the Flytes, an ostentatiously wealthy family. Charles first met Sebastian Flyte when they both were students at Oxford, where Sebastian surprisingly welcomed Charles into his circle of equally wealthy, somewhat stuck up and flamboyant friends. Charles ended up getting caught up in Sebastian's family struggles, where Sebastian used excessive alcohol to deal with the pain resulting from his family relationships. Although Charles and Sebastian were more than just friends, Charles ultimately fell in love with Sebastian's sister, Julia Flyte. But the biggest obstacle to Charles being intimately involved with anyone in the Flyte family was the family matriarch, Lady Marchmain, a strict and devout Catholic who ruled the family with that adherence to a strict Catholic lifestyle. That was despite her and Lord Marchmain's own marriage being in name only, as he lived in Venice with his mistress, Cara.


  • FR GR 2016-07-13 06:29:52
    I liked the effort of the movie BUT original Sebastian looked manly and delicated at the same time. This one only look weak no matter how good the actor was.
  • Charbel Chidiac 2015-12-04 17:57:15
    Let's take a brilliant novel and adapt it into something that those who love the book don't recognise.
  • ellipsis000 2015-09-04 15:48:00
    i say, they took the characters and made up a new story?! better stick with the book and the series...
  • Brigadier Badger 2014-04-23 11:26:23
    This movie utterly butchered a great work of fiction.
  • Beth Hayes 2013-12-06 17:40:10
    I swear the mother is dead before Charles and Julia begin their relationship 
  • Jasmine B 2013-10-11 20:00:13
    The movie is absolutely beautiful and faithful to the book! Loved it :) but this trailer does not do the movie justice.. The tone is wrong it sounds like a thriller while the story is poetic
  • ARCHANGEL 2013-10-09 20:01:57
    This trailer is awful in my opinion, the movie is better than this.
  • ForeverHarriet 2013-08-15 16:11:10
    This looks very different from the book, or is that just me? I never saw Sebastian and Charles' relationship affected by Julia - wasn't Sebastian in Tunis at that point?
  • LiWfilmmaker 2013-05-29 23:52:03
    A beautiful film
  • Edward Murphy 2013-02-09 19:11:51
    WHAT ON EARTH HAVE THEY DONE TO CARA! She looks awful. The book describes her as attractive.
  • Fernando Reyes 2013-01-18 13:13:30
    Just finished the book and it was thoroughly enjoyable.The last breaths of English nobility.
  • Jossa Bossa 2012-12-16 22:57:57
    Best movie ever! Love it
  • Tara Nguyen 2012-06-13 22:10:43
    isn't an adaptation of the book?
  • Anna K 2012-06-10 21:36:40
    The film is a real masterpiece! I absolutely loved it.
  • Bennison 2012-04-24 00:51:07
    This film is awful. Completely destroys the legacy of the 'Brideshead Revisited' novel by Evelyn Waugh. The Jeremy Irons TV series is definitely a faithful, fulfilling adaption.
  • drhalsall 2012-03-04 23:05:06
    @tercio28 Brideshead Revisited was an ITV series, produced by Granada TV.
  • Bods 2012-02-19 20:40:52
    @tercio28 Agreed in full, a very weak & watery version of a great book & an even better series. The bloke playing Charles is better looking but very similar to Jeremy Irons, the lady playing Julia is simply beautiful.
  • Jose Bonilla 2011-08-09 22:47:44
    This film is already forgotten. The BBC series will be a classic 20 years from now.
  • SevenOrchids 2011-06-09 20:56:28
    This is a good film, but I wish it gave itself an original title rather than pretending to be Brideshead Revisited. You just can't beat the Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews TV adaptation.

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