What We Do Is Secret (2007)

What We Do Is Secret (2007)

Director Rodger Grossman

Writer Rodger Grossman, Rodger Grossman (story), Michelle Baer Ghaffari (story)

Genre Biography, Drama, Music

Year 2007

Actors Shane West, Rick Gonzalez, Bijou Phillips, Noah Segan

IMDB : 6.6 (1,574 votes)


Description A biopic of punk legend Darby Crash and his band, the Germs.


  • Allan Quentin 2016-08-01 15:50:30
    fuck Lauren German such a squid goof.
  • Allan Quentin 2016-08-01 15:49:22
    this is fucking cancer fuck this movie Darby wouldn't approve fuck you all.
  • Jack Donnelly 2016-07-31 06:03:00
    This is porno level acting
  • hate infection 2016-07-27 06:54:27
    Shane West fabulous
  • Darrylizer1 2016-07-25 09:07:53
    It's ironic that biopics usually have good acting and entertainment value but are fast and loose regarding the facts. But with this movie the facts are pretty accurate but the acting and storytelling are atrocious. I never really got a sense of time and place.
  • Dallin Kapp 2016-07-23 05:11:27
    good info about the germs, but this movie fucking sucks
  • DannyLayman Guy 2016-07-17 23:31:06
    Got to love those great British accents, I've never heard anyone talk like that where I'm from
  • DannyLayman Guy 2016-07-17 23:25:25
    This is awful
  • Jahn Jahcsun 2016-07-12 23:55:45
    Did YouTube censor out the music at the end? I seem to remember a Bowie song during the suicide scene.
  • Jeff Simpson 2016-07-12 03:51:39
    what a FAGGG!!!!!!!
  • Rick Bannan 2016-07-05 05:38:29
    The irony being PAT SMEAR won a Grammy So The Damned can fuck off
  • PLASTIC// 2016-07-04 20:22:10
    Jesus this movie sucks dick
  • Dennis Sanders 2016-06-25 05:04:04
    Love the band but this movie is so horrible. I actually hung out a couple times with Don and I thought they didn't portray him the way he really was which is weird because he helped put this movie together.
  • frostythesnowman333 2016-06-25 00:04:00
    this is so GAY.
  • P. Silveira 2016-06-22 10:57:19
    LISTEN TO MY FIRST EP : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSpBagrWadU #PUNKROCK
  • deBidi 2016-06-21 12:16:25
  • Young Nino 2016-06-19 11:07:43
    This movie is absolutely terrible, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.
  • nick aguilar 2016-06-14 06:35:20
    great band god awful movie
  • Brad K 2016-06-14 04:55:27
    Acting lessons for everyone!!!!.....And Directing lessons, and DP Lessons, and Producer Lessons, etc.
  • David Wishart 2016-06-12 02:35:33
    this "movie" is so bad!

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