This Kiss (2007)

This Kiss (2007)

Director Kylie Eddy

Writer Kylie Eddy

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Tamsin Gatewood, Melanie Lockman

IMDB : 5.5 (90 votes)


Description What happens when best friends from childhood reconnect after a decade, only to discover that they barely recognise each other? Tempers fly, tears fall, closet doors swing open and skeletons fall out. In a long, boozy afternoon played out against a sun-drenched Australian landscape, the two friends reveal their imperfections, share laughter and finally confront an incident from the past that has haunted them both. Official Selection Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Frameline and Outfest 2007.


  • Clarisse Siverio 2016-01-06 06:49:47
    i like this my ex was fat also...
  • Nezar Alabbad 2013-05-31 21:17:35
  • N. ALIXS BEACH 2012-10-22 23:41:38
    Damn... I know this is sallow, but why does one have to be fat! Sorry.... I know it's wrong!
  • Fairfarren 2012-09-04 04:52:25
  • Ske Ma Men 2010-03-23 11:45:40
    @darklayer101 You can fint torrent for this movie, just google it...
  • Stephanie 2010-02-27 17:24:53
    Ya believe me, we're out there ;)
  • Small.Town.Girl. Meets.NYC. 2009-11-28 09:41:02
    can someone up load this movie please!!!!!!! i am dieing to watch it and i cant find it anywhere. thanks.
  • Andreea Armenciu 2009-07-10 12:29:13
    where can i find the song that Juliet sang on her quitar ??? i couldn't find it anywhere...pls if anyone has it write me back...
  • Brennan Bourne 2008-10-25 10:47:53
    Frozen by Rosie Burgess
  • Brennan Bourne 2008-10-25 10:45:06
    What an asshole! Stop perving on lesbian films dude!
  • Lia R 2008-10-04 21:20:16
    i don't believe in lesbians or gays but seriously people stop being negative let them live their lives thats what they want to do...and thats none of buisness. you guys are all full of shit
  • luv2t8krisk 2008-08-15 05:02:20
    Watching a fat chick making out with a hot chick is a total turn off. Sorry just being honest.
  • iamhomeagain 2008-07-01 02:37:09
    what is the song playing in the preview? does anybody know?
  • beeswaxer 2008-05-26 07:03:48
    fatty's rule we are women with style
  • beeswaxer 2008-05-15 17:25:40
    love the lucy yum yum chucky women turn me on i'm going to find me a couple of them hey i'am a chucky girl too o'yea love and kisses to all the girls
  • beeswaxer 2008-05-15 17:19:28
    hey fat girls are in. i love them they have more tenderness they are lover too better love em!!!
  • SirKevinMartin 2008-05-08 12:17:01
    That was sweet ;-)

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