Suffering Man's Charity (2007)

Suffering Man's Charity (2007)

Director Alan Cumming

Writer Thomas Gallagher

Genre Comedy, Horror

Year 2007

Actors Alan Cumming, Alison Guh, David Boreanaz, Anne Heche

IMDB : 4.8 (701 votes)


Description John Vandermark (Cumming) has taken in a struggling writer, Sebastian St. Germain (Boreanaz), who overstays his welcome. When John discovers that Sebastian has simply been using him, he turns the tables on his young tenant in an effort to make him work off his rent debt. When Sebastian dies accidentally in the process, John tries to make it up to him by helping him get his book published posthumously. When the book is published, John can't help but take credit for the work of genius... and Sebastian comes back to haunt him.


  • Güliz Uğur 2016-06-29 21:28:23
    the link is dead
  • Meep Chan 2013-02-26 19:37:20
    Can't wait to watch this! Just ordered on Amazon and waiting impatiantly for it's arrival! Wanted to get this because I love both Alan Cumming and David Boreanaz, plus the chance to see David in lingerie was too good an opportunity to miss! Hehe! It seems like it will be great!
  • Mojosbigstick 2013-02-08 12:38:22
    David who? I'm here for Alan....
  • Alejandra P 2012-06-19 01:42:09
    can i be the blond in the begining please
  • fashionfreak56 2011-09-07 23:28:44
    let's face it, almost all of us are here because David Boreanaz is very much attractive(:
  • anneeverat1 2011-07-09 22:21:42
    Watched this for David Boreanaz upon it's release and regret it deeply, one to AVOID.
  • angelssexy88 2011-01-03 07:18:22
    i like it cause it has david. The movie is fucked but ... uhhh david :) xx
  • WantingU1 2010-10-21 03:15:28
    This looks interesting.. I'll watch it, cuz it has David ;P
  • brunettebabyyx 2010-09-19 01:08:44
    omg this is messed up.
  • LittleRedDrum 2010-07-02 14:33:37
    every film Alan Cumming is in captivates me in ways i cant even describe. All of his work directing, producing AND acting in this film is phenomenal!! The trailer gives me tingles down my spine!
  • Amanda Marie 2010-01-14 14:48:43
    wow!i can't imagine the dude from bones doing things like that lol

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