She's a Boy I Knew (2007)

She's a Boy I Knew (2007)

Director Gwen Haworth

Writer Gwen Haworth

Genre Documentary

Year 2007

Actors Colleen Haworth, Gwen Haworth, Kim Haworth, Nicole Haworth

IMDB : 8.1 (108 votes)


Description She's a Boy I Knew is a comic, heartbreaking, uplifting autobiography that focuses on the interpersonal relationships of a family who unexpectedly find their bonds strengthening as they overcome their preconceptions of gender and sexuality.


  • Maniere Journal 2011-05-30 10:23:50
    The guy/ girl is hot
  • bluestrawberry7 2011-05-13 05:27:55
    this is the most amazing FILM....
  • Raymetrious 2011-05-10 17:10:22
    Hmmm, let me get this clear. He's a guy but wanna be a gal in body although his partner is a female ? Right ?
  • paulus842000 2010-06-18 21:53:50
    cool video Im just starting out on my transition and your story realy touched me
  • Laura Marium 2010-01-17 00:54:41
    I saw this at the college in kelowna last year.. so good. This is a really beautiful trailer... My sibling, transitioned from female-male so I can relate... Also Gwen we share the same birthdays! December 9th :) all the best xoxo
  • gothique11 2010-01-17 00:53:10
    Awesome! I want to see this!

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