She's a Boy I Knew (2007)

She's a Boy I Knew (2007)

Director Gwen Haworth

Writer Gwen Haworth

Genre Documentary

Year 2007

Actors Colleen Haworth, Gwen Haworth, Kim Haworth, Nicole Haworth

IMDB : 8.1 (108 votes)


Description She's a Boy I Knew is a comic, heartbreaking, uplifting autobiography that focuses on the interpersonal relationships of a family who unexpectedly find their bonds strengthening as they overcome their preconceptions of gender and sexuality.


  • Lucas_Alex_ Cross 2016-02-28 14:55:36
    I really wanna watch this movie but I cant found in! somebody help me plzzzzz!!
  • River Laurie 2015-02-25 05:15:37
    I need to get this on DVD.
  • Billy Weeks 2015-01-08 22:40:57
    My mind is blown...
  • Billy Weeks 2015-01-08 22:39:54
    This looks like the most amazing tg documentary I have ever seen.  I can't wait till I can watch it.  Makes me feel a bit more comfortable and open about myself to see that it can be done.  Such bravery and what a cool family.  The mom is really funny...
  • Mommie ofSix 2014-05-19 01:54:50
    i was born female, but i'm a gay male on the inside... ..its hard dealing with
  • Dawn Campbell 2014-01-23 00:32:21
    What a great film Gwen! Kim just shared this with me so I can't wait to see the full movie.
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 02:11:32
    @sknywhtboy88 Not at all! Thanks for commenting. I totally agree with you about the oversimplified stereotypes of women, and all folk for that matter. These animated stereotypes come earlier in the film and are intentionally being illustrated (literally) as cartoon caricatures. I hope the stereotypes are sufficiently unpacked as the film unfolds. It was my intention & hope. You’re also right that all of this is not fully explored within the context of the trailer. Warmest, ~g
  • Matty Perron 2012-02-10 01:33:03
    @sknywhtboy88 In that way I read it as saying that all straight women are femme and girly, and lesbians are the total opposite. By the way I wasn't aware that this was your actual account, so It's a bit weird that I referred tou you indirectly in my original comment, sorry. And thank you for responding so calmly :) most people on youtube would start a flame war.
  • Matty Perron 2012-02-10 01:24:28
    @wwwartflickcom I can understand all of that, I'm just looking at it from the perspective of someone who just stumbled upon this trailer. To me, the cartoon is illustrating a man turning into a femme woman turning into a kind of butch woman. The fact that it is narrated by your wife saying you aren't a hetero woman but a lesbian can be taken to just be a cartoon of caricatures of women in general,not just you. I'll finish in another comment..
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 01:22:24
    @wwwartflickcom Perhaps the playfulness of the sequence will be more understandable in the context of the whole film. For a temporary time, the film is viewable in it’s entirety on youtube. I’d love it if you checked it out. Warmest wishes, Gwen
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 01:22:03
    @wwwartflickcom It’s also a tongue & cheek comment on the whole commonly oversimplified phrase “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body” (or vice versa) which many folk in the trans, gender-variant & gender queer communities have heard time & time again to describe what is going on for us when it’s no doubt much more complex for everyone, as all people have multi-faceted identities.
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 01:21:20
    @wwwartflickcom Personally, I think all three images of me are pretty darn cute, and are a playful commentary on how society ‘reads’ and often conflates physical sex, gender identity, gender expression & sexual orientation.
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 01:20:26
    @wwwartflickcom The three images (including the masculine male-bodied image) are based on pictures of me expressing my ever-fluid gender expression as animated by my ex-wife’s husband, a dear friend of mine. Over the last decade, I’ve become quite comfortable expressing various aspects of identity, including my co-existing feminine & masculine traits, and with this comfort comes an ability to be playful, happily not taking myself too hyper-seriously.
  • Gwen Haworth 2012-02-10 00:21:12
    @sknywhtboy88 Hi there! I’d love to hear more about why you feel this is the case. The following message will come in segments because apparently my character count is too high.
  • Matty Perron 2012-02-09 22:12:51
    wow, nothing against the girls own personal journey and whatnot, but that cartoon of the lesbian unzipping out of the straight woman was incredibly offensive to femme lesbians and butch straight women everywhere.
  • markreilly52 2012-01-21 11:11:02
    Thank you for making this film and for introducing us to your family and friends. And thank you to them for sharing so much of their lives, and the way they responded over time to your honesty, and with such courage. Life is complex, but people have an infinite capacity to love and to overcome. You are all stars. The film is thoughtful and articulate, and something for all grown ups to come to terms with.
  • Raymetrious 2011-10-11 04:54:02
    @JudoCreature Biologically, his body is a dude but with gender identity as a female. After doing transexual then he is fully consider as a she. LOL
  • JudoCreature 2011-10-10 17:59:10
    @Raymetrious She is a woman. There is no 'he'.
  • JudoCreature 2011-10-10 17:58:22
    @bugboys98 My aunt's like this. Previously straight male, now is a lesbian woman.
  • Karma Van Buuren 2011-06-03 01:35:07
    Straight Male ---> Lesbian Female? Never saw this in anyone before. really original, makes me want to see it 4000x more.

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