Four Minutes (2006)


Director Seth Camillo

Genre Animation, Short

Year 2006

Actors Kelli Byers, Seth Camillo


Description Four seperate pieces dealing with a different level of fantasy.


  • brandon bow 2013-08-22 06:20:39
    what s song in 1;40 i forgot it already
  • Eileen LIm 2012-09-20 18:32:19
    Beautiful film. One question tho, what has Frau Krueger lesbian past got to do with her current endeavour with Jenny?
  • BoxyTheSpaceDog 2012-07-28 01:25:30
    "HollowWood" can't copy this!
  • mazurka27 2011-09-08 12:48:47
    Génial ce film ! De la violence, certes, cela se passe dans une prison, c'est fatal, mais aussi de l'amour, de l'amitié et de la musique..... J'ai adoré ce film. La bande annonce, même si elle ne peut reproduire à elle seule toute l'atmosphère du film, en donne un assez bon apperçu. Merci pour cette vidéo.
  • Thábata Dias 2011-09-07 23:15:53
    ive jst watched it..and its really amazing movie!! superb!! i love german movies, most of them are unique piece of art!
  • Tyler Leswing 2011-02-12 21:21:31
    whats the name of the song at the end?
  • musicfangt 2011-02-12 00:47:05
    @yleana06 I agree so much with u ! There is no life without music ,music is everything !
  • Harakan21 2011-01-20 06:29:23
    does anyone know the name of that song?
  • Shtwaan E. 2010-10-19 07:43:30
    One of the most ridiculous films I've ever seen. Kitsch with capital K.
  • Chips In bed 2010-01-04 04:49:06
    @blaulune hell no, but i did see the movie and it was fucking awesome. great music and acting. wasn't whati tought it would be.
  • Chips In bed 2009-12-06 23:57:19
    looks great, but can the actress acutually play piano? because i will NOT be fooled. oh and no old lady kissing young girl. that seems like it would creep me out a bit :/
  • Van Nguyen 2009-06-29 04:36:59
    I have seen this film! Very nice film! Music saves our soul! I'm so sad to hear that the actress who played the piano teacher died! R.I.P
  • NeonX2020 2009-05-31 22:54:32
    the actress who played the piano teacher died 2 weeks ago :-(
  • Hanamana7777 2009-05-24 02:32:36
  • Fang Kaeo 2009-03-02 08:03:06
    so beautiful the melodies the locations the emotion perfect BRAVO!!

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