Eighteen (2005)

Eighteen (2005)

Director Richard Bell

Writer Richard Bell

Genre Drama

Year 2005

Actors Paul Anthony, Brendan Fletcher, Clarence Sponagle, Mark Hildreth

IMDB : 6.5 (522 votes)


Description Pip is a street kid who's meeting life head-on in the big city. On his eighteenth birthday he receives his grandfather's Second World War memoirs on audio cassette, a gift that awakens the ...


  • Lexi R. 2010-04-16 02:05:29
    @ginobeats123420 in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
  • ginobeats123420 2010-04-16 01:27:52
    where was the movie filmed?
  • AltFreak25 2009-05-04 21:38:30
    i am dying to c this movie rite now it looks amazing
  • AltFreak25 2009-05-03 13:32:44
    this looks amazing can someone upload it?
  • ksb78 2009-04-22 05:02:59
    It's available on Netflix.
  • phukovsky 2008-10-24 04:35:41
    I have seen it for rent at various Blockbuster stores in Canada and the States the past year, you should check again...or Net flicks or various places on the internet
  • ADDButterfly 2008-07-16 09:33:14
    Wow...that looks like a good movie. I really want to see it now.
  • brecans 2008-01-10 20:04:02
    Where can I get this?
  • seantalarico 2007-09-23 21:22:18
    Sweeet flick. Paul Anthony rules in this!!
  • Stephy Dash 2006-08-19 10:08:29
    i wanna watch this but i have to wait for it to get shipped :( *sigh* oh well...