Yeah Kowalski! (2013)

Yeah Kowalski! (2013)

Director Evan Roberts

Writer Britta Lundin, Evan Roberts, Evan Roberts (story)

Genre Short, Comedy, Romance

Year 2013

Actors Cameron Wofford, Conor Donnelly, Kaitlyn Knippers, Annamarie Kasper

IMDB : 6.9 (112 votes)


Description 13-year-old Gabe Kowalski is a late bloomer who goes to great lengths to impress his classmate crush, Shane.


  • Dante Rodríguez 2017-02-23 00:43:06
    I love it! hahaha <3
  • Queer na tela 2017-02-14 17:01:28
    Hi! My name is Luiz, I'm from Brazil :) Really fan of your work by the way. I'm writing because me and a friend have a youtube channel dedicated to talk about queer representation on movies, short films, series, webseries, etc. If you want to check it out: (or just clicking it the profile pic) we call it "Queer na tela" wich would be "Queer on screen" in english We are going to talk about Yeah, Kowalski! on a upcoming week, specifically how it's important for queer youth to have references about people their age secure with their sexuality (which me believe Kowalski is a perfect example!) Anyway, I'm talking to much! The thing is we would love to have a portuguese subtitled version of the movie to show our followers, and I was wondering if we could do that, we would be happy to translate everything and subtitle the whole thing. We could perhaps send you a .srt file with the portuguese subtitles so you can link it in this video right here, and in our channel we would link this video. (we are going to do it anyway, but if there was portuguese subtitles would be awesome!) Please contact me if that interests you at [email protected] (or just replying here) :) Sincerely, Luiz Lula
  • KING JULIEN!!! 2017-02-06 05:23:39
    So cringey but so cute
  • 1882 2016-03-17 08:28:59
    haha, <3!
  • DentalTech1000 2015-09-24 19:36:32
    Very clever, original and fun.  I really enjoyed this.  Keep up the great work.  You're very talented.
  • Philip Cal 2015-09-13 17:43:07
    this is so cute i love it!

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