The Skeleton Twins (2014)

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Director Craig Johnson

Writer Craig Johnson, Mark Heyman

Genre Comedy, Drama

Year 2014

Actors Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell

IMDB : 6.8 (31,153 votes)


Description Having both coincidentally cheated death on the same day, estranged twins reunite with the possibility of mending their relationship.


  • Rebel 2015-02-09 09:21:25
    If I wasn't homophobic, i'd watch this
  • TheAnisXX 2015-02-08 00:26:55
    a bit morbid, mainly Kristen's character, but overall I recommend it. It is deep
  • Alexis Lyonne 2015-02-07 23:20:12
  • Patch Adams 2015-02-05 22:36:44
    I really like Bill Hader and want to see him in more serious/semi-serious roles.
  • Angela Yablonski 2015-01-30 05:52:09
    When Kristen wiig suddenly lip syncs
  • 9avedon 2015-01-21 13:31:18
    Please stop ruining great music by using it in New movies. There is plenty of shitty "New Music" that is more suitable.
  • Jenny Gao 2015-01-16 04:39:45
    I love Kristen Wig!
  • pretenditsagoodworld 2015-01-11 12:51:28
    Sefan :D :D <3
  • aron baker 2015-01-05 14:21:27
    Gr8 but very very white. Also the gay parts made me uncomfortable so even if ur not homophobic which I'm not gay things do tend to make me uncomfortable if ur the same u shud know theres plenty of gay stuff. Otherwise its well shot superbly performed and heartwarming.
  • Mira Young 2015-01-03 11:43:10
    contemplating whether to watch it just for the scuba instructor...
  • Lindsey Dannenberg 2014-12-31 01:26:44
    The movie is so different than the trailer. TOTALLY different. 
  • ShyLivesMatter 2014-12-30 03:41:56
    ...Anyway, with my Channel lately, I've tried to take clips from movies like this and put them out there (along with vid descriptions I write), to hopefully give people like me something more to relate to.  I figure maybe that's my purpose...who knows?  I've just really gotten into "dramedies" like this the last few years.  I really appreciate them since I can relate to the characters and situations and they basically remind me I'm not alone, so I still feel connected to humanity.  So they're really important to me, so it really sucks to see people hate on them.  If you can't connect with them, that's too bad, movies aren't for everyone, but don't just assume they're "pretentious" or whatever just because you can't relate and try to be some internet hardass and hate on them and the people that DO enjoy them.  And if you hate on my post and think its pretentious or "gay", you probably need to work on your empathy skills (and definitely need your ass kicked).  Just my thought of the day :-) Sorry for the novels/rant.  Oh, and if the "Starship scene" doesn't move you and make you smile or you don't relate or at least feel for Milo when he shares his fears about maybe having peaked in high school rather than the bully having peaked there - you have no heart and these type of movies definitely aren't for you.  That is all.
  • ShyLivesMatter 2014-12-30 03:41:24
    ...Have any of you all seen the indie movie Terri?  There's a scene in it where the principal goes "you've got the good hearted kids and the bad hearted kids."  I kind of look at the internet like that.  You've got the "bad hearted kids" who use the internet to be dicks to people and to be wannabe critics that shit on movies like this, using big words and phrases like pretentious, tripe, dreck, white people problems, etc.  Then you've got us "good hearted kids" who can enjoy films like this that have heart, humor (that's founded in pathos and goes beyond slapstick), empathy, sensitivity, emotion, and humanity.  Movies about flawed, lost, messy, quirky, awkward, yet usually good hearted and well intentioned real people with real (non-color specific) problems.  Agreed? :-)  After all - aren't we all that way?  Isn't that what life is like?  Related a little bit to almost every character.  Milo, Maggie, Lance, Rich, Judie...  Maybe Milo the most, though I'm not gay.  I'd love to see a male character with that personality but as a straight person.  Just wish our society could move beyond the paradigms of masculine, feminine, etc and just let people be themselves.  Really appreciated how they humanized Rich and didn't make him a monster - life isn't usually that black and white.
  • ShyLivesMatter 2014-12-30 03:40:48
    Just watched this movie - loved it.  Took a chance on it because I saw the Duplass Brothers produced it and I love most of the stuff they're associated with.  Which brings me to: Why is it so cool for everyone to hate on little indie movies like this these days?  Whether its here, imdb, etc.  Its like punching a puppy (or killing a goldfish), these movies aren't hurting anyone lol  Is it just people trying to be internet hardasses, trying to be trolls looking for attention, etc?  I realize most internet people are dicks.  But if so, maybe these type of movies just aren't for them.  So why are they here?  I don't go to every movie trailer page where everything's exploding and everyone's a cliche badass and hate on those lol  I guess its kinda like the big budget, Hollywood stuff are the cool kid, extrovert, popular kids with big personalities that I guess the masses relate to and little movies like this are for the rest of us, us quirky, quiet, sweet, big hearted, introverted kids just trying to do our own thing and keep to ourselves and not hurt anyone :-)  And like I said, the only reason I even know about this movie is because of the Duplass Bros producing.  This isn't some huge, wide released Hollywood movie so how are the haters even aware of it?  Surely they have better things to do with their time than know about every movie that doesn't appeal to them?
  • Andy Mcalpine 2014-12-29 10:44:47
    Good film
  • Juhri Selamet 2014-12-28 03:12:18
    I thought this was pure comedy movie but I was wrong. It's kind of roller coaster movie and I like it.
  • starcat 2014-12-22 03:46:00
    Please.... No....
  • Jaclyn Marlan 2014-12-19 08:18:58
    I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!! :)
  • newbiechov 2014-12-19 05:28:18
    I love these guys, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. I will watch this.
  • Jenny Penny 2014-12-17 23:27:13
    this looks way too corny for me to watch

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