Vis-à-vis (2013)

Vis-à-vis (2013)

Director Nevio Marasovic

Writer Nevio Marasovic, Rakan Rushaidat, Janko Popovic Volaric

Genre Comedy, Drama

Year 2013

Actors Rakan Rushaidat, Janko Popovic Volaric, Kresimir Mikic, Daria Lorenci

IMDB : 7.6 (184 votes)


Description Director is working on a new film. He invites the main actor to the remote island of Vis so they can work on the script. Due to isolation they face on the island during the winter period, the two of them are unexpectedly faced with their own frustrations, which are constantly intertwined with the films plot in a strange way.


  • Sara Jankovic 2016-09-20 18:09:59
    Zašto snimate filmove ako se kasnije nigde ne mogu pronaći? Veliki holivduski filmovi izađu odmah nakon objave, a ovaj film za koji zna možda 5% ljudi nema nigde. Verujem da je kvalitetan, samo što je bez veze što ga nigde nema.
  • Ezra Edison 2016-07-07 23:38:14
    Jygtyf fdrt vrty zeqtr loljk
  • Jan Perutka 2014-11-25 22:06:40
    kada će film doći na internet???
  • Tome Marcina 2014-03-12 23:04:47
    super izgleda, nepretenciozno, bas na mistu. nesto između nebraske i short term 12
  • Luka Kukolj 2014-03-06 15:12:52
    Kak se zove pjesma?
  • oksimoronko 2014-02-19 22:01:36
    fora je trailer!

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