Twisted (1996)

Twisted (1996)

Director Seth Michael Donsky

Writer Seth Michael Donsky

Genre Drama

Year 1996

Actors Ray Aranha, Keivyn McNeill Grayes, Elise Ballard, Sharlene Brown

IMDB : 4.7 (114 votes)


Description A retelling of Charles Dickens' classic novel Oliver Twist set in a New York City contemporary underground populated by drag queens, drug abuse and prostitution.


  • Kaila Magee 2016-03-03 00:05:37
    Those Twisters Tornadod
  • Daniel Hamdi 2016-02-27 20:54:22
    Blackstorm ( 2014) was a very bad remake comparing to this because from my side, special effects are not all about to make a great movie. I grew up with Twister and when i saw it the first time i was very scared. ( Especially with the first scene)
  • Amirouche Habibi 2016-02-13 09:30:45
  • Ronald Hulsebos 2016-02-10 19:09:46
    Stom saai
  • SonicRBLX 2015-12-08 21:02:41
    All in all most realistic tornado video ever. Matches up with into to da st0rm ;3
  • SonicRBLX 2015-12-08 21:00:22
    i wish in the end when the huge F-5 was chasing them. it look unrealistic because it was sucking in everything but not them. Not trying to be a critic because i like this
  • Natalie Sardina 2015-11-07 22:44:42
    "Unpredictable, Violent, Terrifies all scientists...) A movie has never explained me so perfectly. *sheds tear*
  • Tanner Rutland 2015-11-04 18:48:18
    that is a badass truck
  • Josh Sater 2015-10-20 16:19:32
    :56 When everyone is running in terror from Shelly Duvall freaking out with a knife.
  • Luke Kuykendall 2015-10-07 00:24:30
    If any film deserves a 3D Blu Ray conversion it's Twister. Twister was a complete effects driven film, and a 3D conversion would make the experience that much more immersive. I think Warner Bros. should consider working on it, or hopefully they secretly are and are planning on a 20th Anniversary Edition release for 2016. One can dream :)
  • slandertube Alexis2611 2015-09-29 11:53:46
    I watch this movie its a good movie
  • 박영선 2015-07-24 09:08:06
    when i was 12 years old.i saw this movie.. well.. good plot!.. good computer graphic!.. the book of disaster movies
  • 박영선 2015-07-24 09:06:16
    this is the greatest movie in the whole world! i'm certain that..
  • Paola Estefania Arteaga Rodriguez 2015-03-24 22:29:01
    Yo ya la bir la película en la canal 5 con mi familia
  • SoyGuapoYRico 2015-02-14 03:53:07
    Great trailer shitty movie.
  • alejandro fonseca 2015-01-09 02:46:38
    donde podemos conseguir esa pelicula o donde la podemos descargar
  • nelly Potterhead 2014-11-28 21:42:19
    muito massa esse filme,um classico!
  • gonzalo cortes 2014-10-03 02:59:16
  • Abrahan Diaz 2014-09-12 01:49:24
    Esta es unas de las mejores peliculas mas takiyeras del mundo como tornado, espero que los creadores los pasen a lick de descarga en español latidos saludos amigos youtube.
  • Hugo Emmanuel González Gómez 2014-08-20 21:10:53
    ¿Remake "Into the Storm" 2014? I don't know... But I think that yes! Creo que esta pelicula sera hecha de nuevo, pero con un remake de Warner.bross llamada "En el tornado (2014)"

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