Tomboy (2011)

Tomboy (2011)

Director Céline Sciamma

Writer Céline Sciamma (screenplay)

Genre Drama

Year 2011

Actors Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Jeanne Disson, Sophie Cattani

IMDB : 7.4 (13,484 votes)


Description A family moves into a new neighborhood, and a 10-year-old named Laure deliberately presents as a boy named Mikhael to the neighborhood children. It is heavily implied that Mikhael is a closeted transgender boy. This film follows his experiences with his newfound friends, his potential love interest, Lisa, his younger sister and his parents. It focuses in on the significance of gender identity in social interaction from an early age, the difficulties of being transgender and young, and how Mikhael navigates these in the background of childhood play and love.


  • melissa herrera 2016-01-18 20:38:03
    como puedo ver la pelicula completa en español de tomboy
  • Wes Riley 2016-01-13 15:25:16
    Can we please not invalidate Mikael's decision to identify as male by saying that he was "confused because everyone mistook him as a boy" and just decided to "go along with it"? Mikael made a very conscious decision, and was exploring his gender identity. I think if Mikael was older in the film (like maybe a teenager) and was doing the same thing, everyone would agree he is trans, but because he is so young people are discrediting his actions. Kids have a better grasp of gender than adults given them credit for. Just like gay men and women might have an understanding at a very young age that they are attracted to the same sex (years before they even decide to come out), the same applies to trans folk. Also, in terms of the title, yes it is a bit misleading, but i think it was more of a tongue-in-cheek decision. It feels kinda of like a jab at cisgendered individuals for erasing the gender identity of young trans kids by saying something as invalidating as "oh, she's just as tomboy. it's a phase." In reality some kids who are labeled "tomboy" might one day identify as trans but never felt they could as a child because of their parents imposing a label onto them. Also also, I think the title "Tomboy" is an attempt to make the subject matter of the film a bit more "palatable" for audience members who might be ignorant/disapproving of trans folk.
  • nct papu :v 2015-12-16 22:53:21
    @Layla Morris She is a TOMBOY, not a trasgender, ok?
  • Mihori U 2015-12-10 09:56:32
    It's not available in Japan :( I really wanna watch this film!!
  • Monstruo Comegalletas 2015-12-03 18:39:36
    I Have Look This Movie Subtitulade for the spanish i need help.
  • Alejandro Díaz 2015-10-22 02:09:10
    This reminded me so much of, well, me. When I was younger, I wore things exactly like these, shorts, t shirts, sweatshirts, jeans,tennies, baseball caps, never anything girly. I only had male friends until the 9th grade, then I gained an equal amount of gender with friends. I was a tomboy. I played in the dirt, with action figures, read comics, made comics, hated pink and anything girly, loved cartoons and video games, loved soccer just like this girl, I even cut my hair when I was like 8 or 9, and the only difference is that I am not a transgender and I'm straight.
  • Alexandra Costa 2015-10-20 14:09:56
    where can I watch?
  • realme dontcare 2015-09-28 18:27:52
    some people here are saying that this she is a trans gender and not a tomboy. guys pls. from the word TRANS means she totally make her self into a boy. its right that the title is tomboy. coz only her actions are for boys. im a tomboy too and ive been studying whats their diff. tho..:)
  • Sugar Park 2015-09-21 12:59:39
    Guys! I watched the movie before and believe me SHE is not a transgender. Everyone just mistook her for a boy, and she was confused, the first part of the movie (in my perspective) She was dressed as a girl. But she had a new haircut that everyone could easily mistake her as a boy. When she introduced herself she didnt say her gender, only her name. The other kids started to play with her and get close with her, so she got confused and thought that if she was a boy they would accept her.
  • Sugar Park 2015-09-21 12:54:18
    When I was 11 I watched tthis here on youtube. Now I cant seem to find it
  • Beautiful Matt 2015-08-29 06:08:41
    omg I wanna watch that
  • Two terrific Girls 2015-07-18 04:22:27
    This is the stupidest movie trailer I have ever scene
  • Layla Morris 2015-07-04 00:46:52
    This movie is about a transgender lesbian. She should really stop taking off her shirt before some boobs show up all of a sudden.
  • Bellanz 2015-06-29 12:15:08
    Great movie, like water lilies (Naissance des pieuvres). :D
  • Matilde Samagaio 2015-06-28 15:25:07
    I saw the movie and, in my opinion, she is indeed a tomboy, once she just gets mistaken by a boy and starts to act like one. She doesn' t introduce herself initially as a boy, only after the other kids mistake her for one. As a tomboy myself, if when I was younger somebody mistaked me for a boy, I would probably had gone throught with it, cause it is exciting to keep a secret like that. In her case I think she didn't tell them the truth because she was already starting to be a part of the group and making friends.
  • Tomboy Music Nerd 2015-06-08 16:11:02
    This movie is really good!!! Saw it on Netflix a year ago. I highly recommend watching it!!
  • Baka Pomme 2015-05-16 14:16:50
    j'adore ce film *^*
  • Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman 2015-05-03 00:31:06
    I don't get it , did she try to be a lesbo , or did she just wanted a new life in general ? If in general , what would make her thank there was a way at school , that they would not  call her by her girl name ? Other then that , a very good movie . I'm glad there was sub titles all the way through it .A good movie . I just like movie that are foreign , because I think they are great movies , those that have sub titles all the way through the movie , in English sub titles  .
  • WebkinzWolf1189 2015-04-25 23:38:53
    Transgender....not tomboy.. >.< oh my, they named the movie wrong. It shouldn't be called tomboy if the main character isn't a girl (he's a trans*boy)
  • Hades Mizuhara 2015-03-19 17:13:08
    I feel like...the title is wrong. Hm.

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