Theft (2007)

Theft (2007)

Director Paul Bright

Writer Paul Bright

Genre Comedy, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Matthew Burnett, Patrick Henderson, Cynthia Schiebel, David LaDuca

IMDB : 4.4 (138 votes)


Description When Guy Simms is yanked out of his mundane routine mopping floors at the gay cabaret and accused of burning down the evangelical church by the town preacher, Guy overcomes his fear of authority to prove his innocence in this sardonic film about Leathermen, the Bible and fighting for freedom.


  • Max Payne 2016-08-06 19:31:10
    I have the Xbox version of "Grand Theft Auto III" (and "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City") since New Year's Eve 2015. It is one of my favorite games in recent months along with "Max Payne" (which was also released the same year as GTA III). neo Software did a great job with the Xbox version, greatly improving the graphics by adding more polygons and textures, adding reflection to the cars, Claude (and other characters) has fingers instead of club fist, some additional items in the background which is not found in the PS2 version. Another additional improvement that neo Software did was GTA III & Vice City being presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, and last, but not least, my obviously favorite part like other Xbox games, is Custom soundtrack support, where I can put in my own music into the game (mostly trance and hands up! music). Xbox is absolutely my favorite console in the sixth generation, and I'm thankful I bought this game off with my ebay gift card.
  • Gabberman9000 Films 2014-05-27 20:11:34
    0:19 lol it kinda looks like claude wanted to talk with maria
  • Richard Garcia 2013-08-26 02:44:58
    to an extent i guess, it's still missing rim lighting, spec maps, and skeletal animation but it's still a huge step up
  • Leandro Silva 2013-03-06 02:57:53
    Sorry for the late response, I'm quite busy recently. I've played the Anniversary Edition, I do not own it, but I've played it for some good hours, and you can see that the iOs version is a little "better" than the PC version, but it's not as good as the Xbox (graphicaly speaking, as you may disagree according to your gameplay preferences, atmosphere, nostalgia, and etc.)
  • Leandro Silva 2013-02-27 13:02:14
    Yes, of course it has. ;)
  • Leandro Silva 2013-02-27 00:41:02
    The Xbox version is still better than the Anniversary Edition. ;) Too bad the Xbox version is rare to find.
  • Gojira 2013-02-02 14:23:08
  • long tong 2012-12-01 07:39:33
    Xbox gas no games
  • dragondemond123 2012-09-05 15:00:59
    Have this for pc, xbox, ps2 & android devices (tablet + phone)
  • Mega 2012-03-08 22:22:04
    @BURRITOSS100 Yes,but the xbox version got more quality than the PS2/PC ones.
  • Andy Polanco 2012-02-20 21:01:25
    They have this for ps2 too?
  • Leandro Silva 2012-01-12 12:31:42
    @lolkkk88 GTA III in the PC version is better then the PS2 version. But the XBox is the best o them all, truly. It has the same effect of the rain of Vice City.
  • lildecable 2011-12-28 12:37:59
    @POJVstudios and Hitman: Blood Money
  • theNGclan 2011-03-08 17:09:07
    @kki64 IV FTW
  • theNGclan 2011-03-08 17:08:12
    @overmind2 Actually, you slightly wrong, the pc has the better textures. The xbox version has better polygonal shapes. The pc doesnt include HD poly vehicles like the xbox version does. Your not to wrong though :)
  • GrandMasterFreshMpls 2010-08-25 14:42:19
    @Fredis1993 Oh thanks, because I didn't just hear that, so I need to you write a transcript for me.
  • Lithuanian Matt 2010-05-21 16:12:27
    best game ever made = gta 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Damian D. 2010-01-23 14:16:57
    Carnageloser7 : YES but only on Xbox 360 with hard disk not on arcade
  • Carnageloser7 2009-12-24 00:19:56
    does it work for 360?
  • Mr. Awesome 2009-10-27 13:50:45
    "The Grand Theft Auto Dubblepack, out now on Xbox with Grand Theft Auto Vice City." And the last thing he said was "Rated M for Mature"

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