The Thank You Girls (2008)

The Thank You Girls (2008)

Director Charliebebs Gohetia

Writer Charliebebs Gohetia

Genre Comedy, Music

Year 2008

Actors Jeff Salonga, Pidot Villocino, July Jimenez, E.J. Pantujan

IMDB : 4.7 (13 votes)


Description A group of gays is on a road trip in search for a beauty contest crown. Constantly losing in beauty contest in their city, five young cross-dressers and their elder gay manager travel to the province hoping to lure the contest. Each personality has story to tell.


  • Ramfel Huggins 2008-09-09 17:42:00
    o my goodness! this is my story......... im shan from cebu and i went as far as san fernando city la union, guihulngan adn mabinay in negros orriental mulabang ug dagat plus bukid pajud kaayo na jis sentavos nalang plete para langit, probinsya sa cebu ug agusan del norte ug surigao among gi atak basta maka apil lang ug show naabot sa tacloban for missgay pintados 2002 na jis pesos nalang ang kwarta kung wla kada ug dili kauli ug cebu! ay mga ungo jud ug show! i will love this, my story for sure!
  • nurikozzz 2008-09-02 17:53:46
    it`s so pricila queen of the desert
  • Mervin Merueñas 2008-08-29 15:01:39
    ive seen the premiere. its worth watching
  • bebsg 2008-08-27 12:08:38
    hi emerald.. it's confined sa davao and bukidnon.. =)
  • betchabay 2008-08-27 03:02:01
    go ari!!! i'm so excited to watch the premiere tomorrow night. watch out for the regular screening at robinson's.
  • Andrian Neri 2008-08-26 09:14:39
    Hailing from CdO, has there ever been a scene that actual footage were filmed in CdO or is the trip confined to Davao and Bukidnon? .... I think this film though looks very promising. And I'm very proud that it hads been done from a production away from usual glitz of Manila...
  • bebsg 2008-07-30 23:41:46
    wala lang talaga siyang meaning.. keber means walang pakialam
  • bebsg 2008-07-23 00:34:13
    salamat! will keep you posted.. premiere night august 28 (manila) up cine adarna davao - sept 5
  • eric jambo 2008-07-22 07:34:38
    kanus-a ipalabas? asa pud ang venue for viewing? Good Job and I like the video. Support jud ko ani! Kudos!
  • bebsg 2008-07-20 16:43:46
    sure sure... pakisulti na lang pud na ang prmiere night sa davao will be on august 30.. heheh salamat! venue to be confirmed. salamat!
  • Nickilo Dspiker 2008-07-20 14:04:51
    Ayusa uy.... i-feature naku ni sa akung blog ok lang?
  • bebsg 2008-07-20 12:52:26
    korek!!! very davao gyud!
  • Nickilo Dspiker 2008-07-20 09:11:41
    bebsg - Davao production ning salidaha ni?
  • bebsg 2008-07-20 03:35:36
    paooooo.. salamat!!!! ganahan ko.
  • bebsg 2008-07-20 03:35:20
    hehe.. salamat! =)
  • Guapwong 2008-07-18 19:54:04
    You cant just translate everything literally. Example is Cesar Montano's "Panaghoy sa Suba" literally it is "The Whistle of the River" and it sound kind of bit off.
  • bebsg 2008-06-07 17:33:06
    hehe. tama ka, it's hiyas ng PINYA. =)
  • Dale Esmeralda Pepito 2008-06-07 13:08:23
    It IS Hiyas ng Pinya! I thank myself for answering my own question. hehe.
  • Dale Esmeralda Pepito 2008-06-07 13:01:35
    Question. May part kasi na sabi "Hiyas ng Pinas" and it was translated as "Jewel of the Pineapples" in the subtitle. Was that intentional? Or was the audio really "Piñas"? *shrug* just checking. still excited to watch this, though--woohoo!
  • Kring Olaires 2008-06-07 05:37:51
    excited na 'ko mapanood 'to! (",)

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