Stonewall (1995)

Stonewall (1995)

Director Nigel Finch

Writer Rikki Beadle Blair, Martin Duberman (novel)

Genre Comedy, Drama, History

Year 1995

Actors Guillermo Díaz, Frederick Weller, Brendan Corbalis, Duane Boutte

IMDB : 6.9 (1,216 votes)


Description Who could have guessed that a bunch of men in dresses would breath life into the movement to win equal rights for gay men and lesbians? Certainly not the police who raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular "drag" bar in Greenwich Village. After a long history of police raids, extortion, and brutality, a gaggle of drag queens at the Stonewall decide they have had enough and begin to riot when the police try to load them into a paddy wagon. Told by "La Miranda" (Hector), a regular customer at the Stonewall Inn, the film is a recounting of events that led up to that fateful day in 1969. "Matty Dean" is the handsome angry young man that La Miranda meets at the Stonewall one day and with whom she/he quickly falls in love. "Bostonia" is the self-styled Queen Mother of the drag queens and guides each initiate gently "into the life." Her lover, Vinnie, is the closeted proprietor of the Stonewall. His tragic response to the suffocation he feels bearing down on him from a homophobic world -- perhaps as much as anything else -- sparks the riots. This is the Stonewall Riots "As Told By La Miranda".


  • Christian Kitten 2016-08-27 23:05:27
    A great film of heartache ,fun times & falling head over heels in love...
  • villvill 2016-07-06 01:26:17
    esta me gusto mas que la ultima que sacaron, tiene mejores historias.
  • Orie Thompson 2015-10-11 02:54:28
    the Sonewall movie released Oct15 2015 such a bomb!! view this one instead.
  • Xavier Guillaume 2015-08-09 16:30:36
    I really want to see this now. :)
  • Osvaldini 2015-08-07 06:46:50
    Still one of my top five favorite movies of all time.
  • K Kesienee 2015-08-06 20:09:13
    What is The Name of The Song
  • muzehack 2015-08-06 02:20:59
    Its on Netflix DVD.
  • anjinsan 2014-06-09 03:12:00
    great movie -luv those tranns girls-got a problem with that? im a vet 25th id -bodybuilder and the B in LGBT! Hi to the girls in peanuts(the palms) westhollywood...
  • Director V 2014-05-06 21:26:17
    Is it out on DVD or Blu ray?

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