Stardom (2000)

Stardom (2000)

Director Denys Arcand

Writer Denys Arcand, Jacob Potashnik

Genre Drama, Comedy

Year 2000

Actors Jessica Paré, Victoria Snow, Jessica Mackenzie, Macha Grenon

IMDB : 5.7 (1,499 votes)


Description A sports photographer in rural Canada sends a picture of a high school athlete, Tina Menzhal, to a Montréal fashion agency. This starts Tina on a career taking her from Canada to Paris to Montréal again, to Manhattan, to the world, and then home, through two boyfriends, two husbands, and innumerable TV interviews, either with nasty smiling scandalmongers or with gushing witless twits. In nearly every case, Tina never gets to finish a sentence. She has a suave agent, paparazzi are everywhere ("What the celebs forget, there's always a camera," says one), and a documentary filmmaker is on hand as well. What is it that Tina thinks, feels, and wants: will we ever find out?


  • Ethan Sloan 2013-06-06 06:59:08
    Very good movie. You can see it free (legally) on Hulu right now. Highly recommended. Great way to spend a lazy hour and a half.

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