Spin the Bottle (1999)

Spin the Bottle (1999)

Director Michael Andrew Pascal

Genre Comedy

Year 1999

Actors Sam Levassar, James Yaegashi, Jy Murphy, Murielle Arden

IMDB : 5.5 (61 votes)


Description Sam thinks he has the answer - find the girl of his dreams and his problems are solved. His roommate Cole, still spinning from a break-up with Devon, doesn't believe in true love. Their best friend Zach does - especially if it involves Hannah. - but does she feel the same way? Over a beautiful spring weekend in New York City, these three young men find themselves face to face with their true loves. The beautiful and exotic Eva literally "steps" into Sam's life, Cole encounters Devon and they reconsider their break up and Zach summons the courage to confess his true feelings to Hannah. Will these bumbling heroes find true love before Sunday night? Spin the bottle to find out.


  • CalculusVariations99 2016-05-14 07:48:20
    It's like....the Irish version of "Simple Jack"
  • Erikingr 2014-01-02 04:12:36
    The Lannisters send their regaaaards... - Roose Bolton
  • thinlizzynut 2013-09-11 20:27:10
    this is such an under rated film ... i loved when he trapped gerry ryan in the door
  • Tanveer 2013-05-27 03:10:28
    skeet skeet mother fucker skeet skeet goddamn!
  • NeltharionXXXX 2013-05-15 08:06:03
    My god, Lord Bolton?
  • Niqouxa 2013-05-06 22:24:54
    No comment in 2 years..... Sad....
  • Adrianaofficial 2011-02-07 21:23:28
    @ae86diffin aww yeahh now i member! be round in a minute. just collectin money te help me aunty get to lourdes cos shes bleedin massive
  • Adrianaofficial 2011-02-06 19:00:54
    @ae86diffin aww ri sounds like a plan ha! wher'd je live again :P :L
  • Adrianaofficial 2011-01-07 22:40:39
    @ae86diffin really? were'd you buy it? can you get it hmv? it looks so funny haha

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