Silkwood (1983)

Silkwood (1983)

Director Mike Nichols

Writer Nora Ephron, Alice Arlen

Genre Biography, Drama, History

Year 1983

Actors Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T. Nelson

IMDB : 7.2 (14,097 votes)


Description Fairly accurate recounting of the story of Karen Silkwood, the Oklahoma nuclear-plant worker who blew the whistle on dangerous practices at the Kerr-McGee plant and who died under circumstances which are still under debate.


  • filthy frank boss 2017-01-27 04:41:04
    fucking good
  • Clumpnugget Montenegro 2017-01-09 13:36:03
  • Elizabeth Porter 2016-11-15 03:43:46
    great GREAT movie.. the LIFE. ...
  • gevse 2016-10-12 22:40:00
    Here because of 50 facts you didn't know about Stranger Things. AmIriiiight
  • Desi M 2015-08-25 14:44:57
    Was that a confederate flag? She must of been a liar than. Ban this movie and destroy all copies of it.
  • Aman-man 957 2015-03-05 22:40:07
    i read the book like 10 times and always wanted to see the movie
  • Roberto Pozo 2014-11-21 00:24:13
    the company, state, and us governement killed her.
  • Lily Balderrabano 2014-10-29 12:12:34
    I loved it in 1983 and I still love this movie,but why is the trailer all about Meryl Streep? To me, Cher"s performance was outstanding!
  • Photo Larry 2014-06-22 19:21:32
    Tell me two dogs fucking why are you so interested?
  • Damien Rasheed 2014-04-08 15:44:33
    this looks like an awesome movie. I'm gonna look for it on Netflix
  • NYC FoodPhoto 2014-03-01 23:18:28
    This movie changed my life. "The Day After" came out around the same time and sparked my political activism. Thank God for the whistleblowers. ; )
  • Film Cinema Movies 2014-01-16 18:08:11
    i prefer the technical qualities of movies before (70's-90) than the HD movies today, yes the pictures are not clear as movies today but its very cinematic.
  • wendy4ronpaul 2013-06-25 23:04:30
    YT: Architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth
  • dyedinsoul 2013-03-14 04:45:04
    loved this film !

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