Side Effects (2013)

Side Effects (2013)

Director Steven Soderbergh

Writer Scott Z. Burns

Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller

Year 2013

Actors Rooney Mara, Carmen Pelaez, Marin Ireland, Channing Tatum

IMDB : 7.1 (151,956 votes)


Description Emily Taylor, despite being reunited with her husband from prison, becomes severely depressed with emotional episodes and suicide attempts. Her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks, after conferring with her previous doctor, eventually prescribes an experimental new medication called Ablixa. The plot thickens when the side effects of the drug lead to Emily killing her husband in a "sleepwalking" state. With Emily plea-bargained into mental hospital confinement and Dr. Banks' practice crumbling around him, the case seems closed. However, Dr. Banks cannot accept full responsibility and investigates to clear his name. What follows is a dark quest that threatens to tear what's left of his life apart even as he discovers the diabolical truth of this tragedy.


  • Jameson Grilley 2014-04-24 14:49:09
    Whoever edited this trailer is a genius! The way it kept Channing in with the intense scenes cleverly hiding the truth! I know its just a trailer but I can always appreciate when they dont give anything away.
  • CM CM 2014-03-02 16:48:59
    I have studied and researched many types of Drugs being Cannabis is the safest. Unless you suffer with psychosis otherwise Cannabis is very safe. Cannabis should be decriminalised. The End. 
  • LenVrijhof 2014-02-20 21:04:36
    I really don't get the movie... it was just so... weird... suddenly she was lesbian and stuff... O_O
  • Stephen Dias 2014-02-06 22:59:41
    Lol at all these people saying the trailer misleads you about the movie. Sorry, trailers are not supposed to give away what happens in the movie.
  • SMG Scorpion 2014-02-01 19:47:09
    This is based on facts and factual events. Mental drugs can have extreme side effects. Look up Prozac. Drugs which affect any part of the brain functions should NEVER be approved, humans barely scratched the surface of 0.1% of the secrets of the brain.
  • WednesdaysAttack 2014-01-25 19:28:48
    I've seen the movie and personally, the movie is quite different to the trailer.
  • klelia v 2014-01-23 20:35:22
    Jude law !!!
  • oliz98 2014-01-07 23:08:01
    Watched the movie for channing and then he dies early
  • Mia Brown 2014-01-05 21:24:08
    ok then....
  • youngatnaruto 2014-01-03 04:11:45
  • SHONUFF - Gaming and Guy Stuff 2013-12-28 03:11:18
    Its rediculous how accurate this movie is with Americans and phsyciatrists prescribing drugs that have severe and harmeful side effects and can be addicting when pot would probably fix this ladys issues.  It should be criminal how the pharmacudical industry works
  • Piratearicat 2013-12-26 06:36:40
    this movie is so freakin' awesome!
  • bethany tummillo 2013-12-22 01:27:21
    i dont get it...
  • Jay Pi 2013-12-08 11:44:40
    Nice cast, but the movie was very predictable.
  • virtual-adam 2013-12-03 03:57:15
    The background music does not fit with the mood of the film, which was excellent !
  • The Black Liars 2013-11-24 13:56:29
    Rooney Mara just has that face you would kill for ^_^
  • Ica217 2013-11-17 22:35:03
    ha! the movie is so not what appears from this trailer! magic of trailers
  • Sondos Younis 2013-11-15 10:58:43
  • cary gott 2013-11-12 17:07:17
    Dear Mr. Soderbergh, Next time hire a better researcher when it comes to the world of psychiatry.
  • Shqiptarivertet 2013-11-05 09:10:59
    You high, bro? Fuck are you rambeling on about you miserable twat.

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