The Ritz (1976)

The Ritz (1976)

Director Richard Lester

Writer Terrence McNally (play), Terrence McNally (screenplay)

Genre Comedy

Year 1976

Actors Jack Weston, Rita Moreno, Jerry Stiller, Kaye Ballard

IMDB : 7.7 (1,764 votes)


Description On his deathbed Carmine Vespucci's father tells him to "get Proclo". With "the hit" on, Gaetano tells a cab driver to take him where Carmine can't find him. He arrives at the Ritz, a gay ...


  • Little Kiwi 2017-01-22 02:40:45
    Such an amazing film - brilliantly funny!
  • sexobscura 2016-12-29 01:48:01
    I like the blatant fag-hatred this 'film' endorses
  • MrWitchman1967 2016-03-09 06:07:09
    Also featuring a young Treat Williams. This is actually a pretty funny movie.
  • LakeConstan 2011-11-28 00:36:14
    Even the announcer sounds depressed.
  • Jason Kreitzer 2010-02-02 23:55:01
    Well, that was different.
  • Mars Nova 2010-02-02 05:21:35
    Wait, whaaaaaa?
  • earcher5 2010-02-01 20:46:01
    starring F Murray Gaybraham

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