Rainbow Eyes (2007)

Rainbow Eyes (2007)

Director Yun-ho Yang

Writer Jeung-ae Han (screenplay), Han Jeung-Ae (screenplay), Jeong-seob Lee (screenplay), Yun-ho Yang (screenplay)

Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery

Year 2007

Actors Kang-woo Kim, Gyu-ri Kim, Su-kyeong Lee, Duk-moon Choi

IMDB : 6.5 (526 votes)


Description Officers Kyung-yoon CHO and Eun-joo PARK are on the hunt a killer following duo of ghastly murders. The victims carry a common military past, and the secret of their past must be unraveled to find the killer.


  • Ahad .VeduX II 2013-11-14 10:09:17
    i'm literally obsessed with Korean cinema..& Korean actresses 
  • eli0426in60secs 2013-06-23 15:41:12
    I REALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE. it's kinda twisted still brilliant and touching. 마음에 들었어요.
  • Ms. Olen Choi 2012-12-15 17:33:53
    5 thumbs up ! i was like... what the heck ?! i thought i figured out the movie and i'm sticking to that but when the biggest twist came up my mind was blown away ! nice story ! it'll definitely become one of my favorite K-Movie crime/thriller of all time, though its theme is a bit controversial but all in all the movie very nice !!! exceptional !!!

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