Philomena (2013)

Philomena (2013)

Director Stephen Frears

Writer Steve Coogan (screenplay), Jeff Pope (screenplay), Martin Sixsmith (book)

Genre Biography, Drama

Year 2013

Actors Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Mare Winningham

IMDB : 7.6 (78,283 votes)


Description When former journalist Martin Sixsmith is dismissed from the Labour Party in disgrace, he is at a loss as to what do. That changes when a young Irish woman approaches him about a story of her mother, Philomena, who had her son taken away when she was a teenage inmate of a Catholic convent. Martin arranges a magazine assignment about her search for him that eventually leads to America. Along the way, Martin and Philomena discover as much about each other as about her son's fate. Furthermore, both find their basic beliefs challenged.


  • Hali S 2013-11-04 19:52:21
    this is how a trailer should be! This looks like such a heartfelt story
  • Matt Krogmeier 2013-10-24 02:54:40
    Just back from a screening. The Coogan character is NOT the son. This is a brilliant film - go and enjoy it!
  • Sam Hocking 2013-10-19 13:53:45
    The music. Alexandre Desplat :D
  • Carla Martin 2013-09-24 22:20:09
    Great cast!
  • Carla Martin 2013-09-24 22:19:58
    Am very interested to see this movie!
  • kira261988 2013-09-11 11:21:30
    can anyone tell me the name of the piano music used in the beginning of the trailer?
  • Elio Spotti 2013-09-06 21:18:57
    Philomena Lee, una donna irlandese  viene costretta ad abbandonare suo figlio per andare in convento. Molti anni dopo, la donna, assieme al giornalista Martin Sixsmith, si mette alla ricerca del figlio, nel frattempo affidato a una famiglia americana.
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  • Thomas Castillo 2013-08-18 17:22:09
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  • YouKnowImRightHanded 2013-08-14 20:31:50
    spoiler alert: interviewer turns out to be the fifth cousin, thrice removed from the son.
  • kaleem khan 2013-08-13 18:36:02
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  • Guy Posing 2013-08-12 12:47:34
    why do i think this is about Phil Lynotts mother?!? I know its not, but all the signs...
  • riofan5 2013-08-12 12:25:34
    ha celestia's pet
  • 317andrew317 2013-08-12 02:36:55
    Thats the guy that came out of my idiot brother!
  • loegaray272 2013-08-12 01:46:11
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  • LikerOfThings 2013-08-11 18:22:50
    LOL NO
  • LikerOfThings 2013-08-11 18:22:34
    LOL of course the interviewer won't be her son
  • ZEU9092 2013-08-11 17:50:48
    'just saw Winterbottom's TheTRIP another time, always like Coogan when he's odd with Brydon, very pleasant movie... This one, I don't know... 'will wait on tv...
  • King Wizard ♔ 2013-08-11 17:41:52
    Your comment is fucked up

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