Persona (1966)

Persona (1966)

Director Ingmar Bergman

Writer Ingmar Bergman (story and screenplay)

Genre Drama, Thriller

Year 1966

Actors Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook, Gunnar Björnstrand

IMDB : 8.1 (65,144 votes)


Description A young nurse, Alma, is put in charge of Elisabeth Vogler: an actress who is seemingly healthy in all respects, but will not talk. As they spend time together, Alma speaks to Elisabeth constantly, never receiving any answer. Alma eventually confesses her secrets to a seemingly sympathetic Elisabeth and finds that her own personality is being submerged into Elisabeth's persona.


  • Olga Athanasiadou 2017-03-04 23:26:38
    this trailer scares and depresses me at the same time.
  • Diego Carrera 2016-07-13 20:01:43
    Since when 240p is HD?
  • BeDelgez Orion 2016-03-17 19:59:38
  • I love Anal 2016-02-06 14:26:46
    ORPHEUS!!! Oh wait, wrong persona...
  • Hyō 2015-12-11 03:29:54
    @David Kubrick can say me the other 24 please? You look how someone who have amazing tastes...
  • David Kubrick 2015-06-23 23:17:00
    A terrific masterpiece by Ingmar Bergman, one of my 25 favorite movies of all time.
  • KotaroCOUTURE 2015-06-15 21:59:16
    Róisín Murphy brought me here.
  • David Aguilera 2014-03-23 22:14:28
    Makes me sad that so little people have seen this film

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