Pariah (2011)

Pariah (2011)

Director Dee Rees

Writer Dee Rees

Genre Drama

Year 2011

Actors Adepero Oduye, Pernell Walker, Aasha Davis, Charles Parnell

IMDB : 7.2 (4,250 votes)


Description A Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression.


  • xo_ Sade 2016-03-26 01:17:44
    omg cant wait to watch this!
  • jamespooh2 2016-03-13 06:44:51
    Very well done and very accurate. I'd suggest it to anyone
  • Anton Ymus Diwers 2015-10-20 17:29:10
  • WalterSon42 Anders 2015-10-07 07:34:41
    A Painfully Beautiful Film. As a Father of Daughters, I will Love and Accept my Child for she is Human and Perfect.
  • vera drake 2015-08-09 09:00:09
    One of the few realest movies I ever watched. Respect.
  • dirty9er415 2015-06-03 20:15:03
  • joeb267382 2015-05-06 22:29:39
    I think this move was alright but wildly overrated.  The way it ended was such a cop out.  Alike magicially finishes high school early and goes off to college was such a cowardly way to end it.   The director could have maybe contemplated an ending like that but should have quickly come to the realization that ending it like that was just wrong.
  • Klaudífera 2015-04-14 19:47:19
    I'm not running, I'm choosing. ♥
  • Myracle 2014-10-08 01:42:12
    I hope I can say this without making it look like a stupid spam thingy lol but um any movie you decide to watch just go on google and type it up.. like um Pariah free movie full something like that putlocker is a website or megashare I hope that helped loves :D
  • laminage 2013-09-22 20:13:31
    This Movie is Amazing. I found a Copy at The Video Shop and I bought it. There's some humour but a lot of poignancy.
  • 84LEB 2013-07-25 20:35:58
    I saw it on Netflix! Loved it :)
  • leo Guitarest 2013-07-24 02:24:15
    its really good
  • Alicia Banks 2013-04-28 05:50:23
  • tashema gadsden 2012-07-18 05:54:42
    I just watched it and I loved it.
  • 84LEB 2012-06-29 15:49:19
    I sooo wanna see this
  • Tee Gee 2012-06-04 04:00:56
    Where can I buy this movie ? Because none of the showings were near me .
  • xoTrustandBelievexo 2012-04-30 20:40:50
    I just finished watching it Adepero Oduye is a wonderful actress. I could relate to it not on the sexuality level but whole family dynamic. This was a beautiful film and I'm glad it got made.
  • eric nueman 2012-04-27 12:05:57
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  • auspicious blade 2017 2012-04-25 00:52:18
    Love it
  • africanbella28 2012-04-13 00:44:07
    looking forward 2 seeing this movie i can definitely relate 2 this

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