Pankh (2010)

Pankh (2010)

Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay

Writer Sudipto Chattopadhyay (story and screenplay), Sudipto Chattopadhyay

Genre Drama

Year 2010

Actors Bipasha Basu, Lillete Dubey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ronit Roy

IMDB : 4.4 (103 votes)


Description PANKH Director's take: Cinema within cinema has always fascinated filmmakers all across the globe. The film industry of each country has characteristics peculiar to their culture. That is what distinguishes them, makes them intriguing and anecdotes associated with each industry in a specific cultural context naturally lend themselves to interesting tales. The story of Baby Kusum is such an intriguing and horrifying tale. It is a story about life imitating art in a grotesque and bizarre way. This film seeks to probe into the mechanism that operates behind the creation of dreams. It highlights a phenomenon that was peculiar and exclusive to the Indian film industry--- the practise of casting children in roles opposite to their natural genders. We have had many instances of young girls being cast as boys in films and vice versa. Their screen names used to be changed to suit the gender they were playing on screen. Interestingly, in Raja Harishchandra, the first narrative film made in India, a man portrayed the heroine's role. It was a common practice in Indian theatre till the middle half of the last century, to cast men in women's roles. In cinema however, verisimilitude was sought to a greater degree and hence the entire persona of the performer had to be changed to suit the screen image. It is difficult to ascertain gender of children by their appearance. Their clothes and hairdos often demarcate them. So the practice of casting perky kids, who could deliver effortless performances, in roles that were not representing their own gender, was widely practiced in Indian films. This film purports to delve into the psyche of one such person who was forced to assume a gender role other than his natural gender and analyses the disastrous consequences that follow and destroy him in his adulthood. Baby Kusum is the story of a boy burdened with a sexual identity not his own. It is about the brutality of a society that imposes superficial gender codes. It is a story of human suffering and about the tragedy of human predicament. The film tries to explore the complex maze of relationships: the Oedipal, the homosexual, the exploitative. It tears that veil of shame that covers the face of this glamorous profession. Truth stares naked at the face of an audience bred on and allured by the sham of this life. Baby Kusum explores various spaces--- the real space, the mind space, the sexual space and the spiritual space. All stand juxtaposed together and often are intermingled to create panoply of gore and blood, of intensity and brutality, of love and shame. Cinematically it confronts the time space continuum. It conjures and jumbles up the time past, the time present and the time operative, all together within the same mental space. It creates a delusion. It provokes and raises several pertinent questions. But it never ignores basic human emotions. That is where it becomes a moral fable, a pious tale. That is where it connects to the common man.


  • phillip duncan 2013-04-24 07:54:00
    Too close to how the ruling class live in India - when nobody is watching!!
  • Saibal Bhattacharyya 2013-04-07 07:23:14
    gay porn? are you fucking kidding me??? the Sudipto Chattopadhyay film has been compared to a gay porn!!! c'mon you mister action-movie-freak, 'change' can be of two types in the genre of films, one is in respect of technology, the ones you named fall into that category where science-fiction and CGI merges to create a visual illusion! and the other form of 'change' is in respect of ideas!!! the films that deals with mental dilemma and human morality, & 'Pankh' deals with 'gender identity crisis'
  • Saibal Bhattacharyya 2013-04-07 07:16:46
    have you even seen the 'hollywood' film??? if not, then wiki it and read the synopsis!!! and then delete your reply and stop making fool of yourself!
  • XxEliminateNinjaxX 2013-02-25 09:21:51
  • ItsMaegans .Life 2011-01-20 04:46:57
  • ixy1987 2011-01-10 21:34:26
    a strange...unusal movie ?!?!?!
  • ismaeel butt 2010-12-01 19:58:01
    Happy to say that it is a flop movie if a cheap Formula movie like Dabaang can be a superhit, at least it has a story, a topic...
  • Amanjot Kaur 2010-11-06 19:25:19
  • lololaughing 2010-10-17 18:47:08
    @LilloRani i dont think he wants to do that but the world wants him to do that especially his mom and his friends bipasha is an imaginary friend of hisbut i dont think she wants him to dress up like a girl
  • Imrankniazi 2010-10-07 14:28:47
    @Gurleen29 Wings.
  • Imrankniazi 2010-10-07 14:27:24
    The concept looks fascinating to me. Whether the subject has been treated well or not would decide the success of the film. The problem is that the average Indian movie-goer knows zilch about psychology and that's the reason why movies like 15, Park Avenue, Tamanna, Dil Se, HZA, Meenaxi, Deewangee and others don't do as well as they should.
  • LilloRani 2010-09-20 17:10:30
    ok so he was dressed up as a girl but does he still want to do that or not? and who is bipasha n y does she want to dress him as a girl? talk about confusing!
  • Ali Raza 2010-08-20 22:54:38
    i hate hijras
  • ranablogs 2010-06-23 07:39:36
    I dont know why bollywood start promoting gay's community or Either they are just copying Hollywood. I dont know why they cant Make a movie like, Sholey, Mard Tange Walla, Sharabi, Dilwale Dulwania le jayain gain.Hatti mere sathi.
  • THILANGR8 2010-06-21 14:26:29
    guess this is one of those underrated movies @ IMDB
  • ezseesdaking 2010-06-04 03:17:54
    @drdan123456 kya fattu insaan ho bhai :P sorry no offense :P
  • kaykay 2010-04-23 05:51:37
    thats pretty sad...looks like a good movie and i think bipasha has done good acting here! :)
  • bluejay 2010-04-17 00:00:14
    omg poor thing might watch wait he wants to be a girl or not when hes grown up and wat is pipasha doing?
  • bluejay 2010-04-16 23:57:07
    omg poor thing might watch
  • Kavita Govani 2010-04-06 23:53:13
    different story than regular bollywood crap..but still it seems like a stupid movie.

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