Over the Edge (2011)

Over the Edge (2011)

Director Webster Forrest

Writer Webster Forrest

Genre Crime, Drama, Romance

Year 2011

Actors Danny Bedford, Sean Hart, Fenella Fielding, Phillip Davey

IMDB : 3.3 (55 votes)


Description Daringly unique and sexy, Over the Edge is a wild trip through the dark side of gay cinema. Med-school dropout Jason is in a funk. Working as a photocopier repair-man he can't bear the ...


  • Ben 2012-08-04 21:12:14
    If you have not seen this & claim youre into bikes theres something wrong! This is an amazing documentary and really keeps you glued from start to finish. Its funny, emotionally upsetiing and still edge of seat action all in one. Tell the wife youre watching it end of! :-)
  • Bryan Beus 2012-08-04 20:05:27
    I don't see the point in this. adrenaline addicts. think this is fast? on the cosmic scale of things, compared with the speed of light, these guys are essentially not even moving. but they are managing to kill themselves. I don't support this.
  • tbone8ty 2012-07-17 01:31:34
    no its just coded well
  • Kyler Facini 2012-07-05 20:53:51
    The Echelon is not going to be impressed with this.
  • ellen longman 2012-06-19 15:56:20
    This film is really good, i totally recommend it, guy is awesome even after being on fire once
  • Yeeeooo000 2012-06-17 02:17:18
    this is emotional for my family since wilson craig, a relation, defrauded his own brothers out of money and stole hundreds of thousands from them. the only reason he has the money to do what he does. the man is a low life and a rat!
  • Yeeeooo000 2012-06-17 02:13:21
    your a genius. the isle of mann is an island??... teach me more oh guru of knowledge lol
  • Yeeeooo000 2012-06-17 02:09:41
    haha dickhead
  • Yeeeooo000 2012-06-13 00:18:02
    actually i would. he's a very close relative... now who looks silly lol
  • SethHesio 2012-06-09 21:31:53
    Fucking mindblowing what these guys do.
  • Yeeeooo000 2012-06-05 23:08:36
    Wilson Craig is a complete prick
  • TotalNekro 2012-06-05 19:00:50
    Great movie, see it!
  • Fiya Nadhila 2012-06-01 07:32:02
    Damn so cool:))))))))))))))
  • jodelboy 2012-05-29 19:38:00
    Wolverine returns!
  • Ádám Kenyeres 2012-05-26 15:03:25
    No, just he knows "NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE"!!!
  • bluedick321 2012-05-18 10:01:03
    Well worth seeing.
  • m31g4ng 2012-05-15 15:04:58
    FUCK commercials, so i had to let that go
  • ThisGuy 2012-05-09 23:26:16
    My description? :D
  • Jon Day 2012-05-09 23:16:41
    Sorry, you'll have to explain the [HD] part of your description. Generally means the screen resolution is 720p or above. Clip is good though so all cool :)
  • FantastyckplastycK 2012-05-08 23:12:15
    i love caps!

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