Over the Edge (2011)

Over the Edge (2011)

Director Webster Forrest

Writer Webster Forrest

Genre Crime, Drama, Romance

Year 2011

Actors Danny Bedford, Sean Hart, Fenella Fielding, Phillip Davey

IMDB : 3.3 (55 votes)


Description Daringly unique and sexy, Over the Edge is a wild trip through the dark side of gay cinema. Med-school dropout Jason is in a funk. Working as a photocopier repair-man he can't bear the ...


  • syntax976 2013-03-05 17:08:38
    Serious injury? like broken bones, bused organs, and concussions? yes that is all part of it and i have had both friends and family help get me back on my feet and back in the saddle. my family knows the risk that i take. but this is my job it puts food on the table and sends my children to collage in a few years. and yes my insurance DOES cover this "reckless behavior" so does the supplemental ins. as does my life ins. Irefuse to feel bad for the insurance CO. seeing as I PAY THEM!
  • Bryan Beus 2013-03-05 08:54:04
    okay, so let's say that everyone you know will feel happy for you if you die. what about a serious injury? what about if they have to take care of you? will they still be happy? what about insurance? does your insurance cover reckless behavior? or do you have the money to pay healthcare for a lifetime? or will your family? will you use tax dollars for it? race, by all means. just be smart about it. do it in a safe way. the idea that you can do this without it affecting others is plain stupid.
  • syntax976 2013-03-02 13:54:14
    @Pimpmedown and @Bryan Beus if that's the way you look at life than you need to stop driving a car or walking out of your house. i have been blessed to race and be good enough to make a living out of it. ALL my friends and family know that i risk my life every time i strap on my helmet and twist the throttle, and if i pass on my bike than EVERYONE that i care about would understand that i passed doing something i loved, and that is more than i can say for most people!
  • Bryan Beus 2013-02-27 21:59:11
    you hurt other people doing this. there are lots of people who will pay, from your family members who have to unwillingly take care of you, to the tax payers who pay for healthcare, your insurance providers, your employers, your friends, everyone. just be safe. it's not that hard, and you can still have fun doing it.
  • Bryan Beus 2013-02-27 21:57:12
    I just saw this comment, and I totally agree.
  • Fick Dich 2013-02-27 09:24:21
    you talked about cosmic scale. Thats the point.
  • Bryan Beus 2013-02-27 01:49:17
    How much is *your life* worth *to you*. Answer: everything.
  • Fick Dich 2013-02-16 12:43:34
    nobody would say to hisself "he died a quick death" thats just bullshit. I'm a biker. I have a superbike. I drive as fast as possible to me. But you need to know that you hurt other people by doing what you do. Thats it. Nobody else will understand that you just wanted to have fun when you died. Where your son or brother will die in a accident you wont sit there and talk shit like you do now.
  • Fick Dich 2013-02-16 12:41:22
    on cosmic scal a single life is worthless.
  • John Smith 2013-02-14 12:23:49
    Wow! www.FaceSoftware.com Really amazing!
  • rureadyboots 2013-02-10 18:59:21
    Search for go karts round the TT course. Those boys are fookin mental.
  • The LoudAssasin 2013-02-10 17:35:11
    Did you read my comment? Or just do a half ass job at it get a life.
  • The LoudAssasin 2013-02-09 20:50:38
    And your talking out of your ass i lost 3 people in my family and nearly a 4th riding bike's on the road and they all lived a long and happy life i might be 17 as well as the last guy. But experience at 32 is nothing living in a biker family is. My uncle is still having operation's 10 year's after his crash and he has no regret . Us crazy people who like fast thing's will be like this all our lives. Yes our family member's die but die loving thing's they do we're hear to support them not judge.
  • Jake Harvey 2013-01-25 18:57:43
    You're 32 and still can't spell allowed?
  • Ethan. Tv 2013-01-24 20:38:59
    Guy Martin is the best
  • Fredy Ureta 2013-01-14 18:19:56
    @sloveniaHardcore91 hey I been wanting to watch it werr did u watch it?
  • adidasDC 2013-01-10 00:49:03
    what helmet does guy martin wear in this? i know its agv but which one?
  • Markoi Green 2013-01-05 23:54:09
    I just watched the movie and let me tell you,the dude with "Guy" name,he crashed in to the wall at 270 km/h in the last race,but he somehow pushed away his bike so it didn't explode near him but it still trow him back but he wasn't injured any seriously. One guy died in third or second race,and that fall from the cliff,driver broke his back on five sides or something,but he is ok now and will continue racing. Overall very well made documentary!
  • nic smith 2013-01-03 00:08:24
    full film @ niclufc (youtube)
  • Sea Viper 2012-12-16 00:04:26
    I've never tried (as I've had no need to ofc) but couldn't you just purchase the European Blu Ray and then convert it? I assume there's software out there that can do it? I would have no idea if this is even possible but it's an idea mate. Google.

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