The Old Testament (2001)


Director Zi'en Cui, Jiangang Wei

Writer Zi'en Cui (screenplay)

Genre Drama

Year 2001

Actors Huanan Du, Yaqi Guo, Dong Luo, Ran Ma

IMDB : 4.6 (10 votes)



  • Dlxxx159 2012-06-28 09:30:35
    NOPE! don't believe it!
  • fred wooz 2012-06-26 13:05:24
    i have a bible and i saw some parts that were in!
  • Masa Mune 2012-06-25 20:49:37
    And coming from one who uses Ebonics, not at all offensive. On the contrary, I kind of feel sorry for you.
  • zkiller142 2012-06-25 20:42:43
    says the dipshit that denies evolution.
  • Masa Mune 2012-06-25 20:32:17
    LOL Obviously not quite as dumb as an obvious high school drop out who can't speak normal. Nigga.
  • zkiller142 2012-06-24 20:45:22
    nigga u dumb
  • Aaron91092 2012-06-22 04:56:13
    What is this "240p"?
  • ANKpictures 2012-06-17 08:30:01
    because we came from a common ansester
  • janmarina1 2012-06-17 02:55:53
    Some of the bible is historically correct like in kings and numbers. The stories in there match up in accounts in other histories. Obviously Adam and Eve is symbolic (and pretty stupid), Noah might have built an ark but obviously couldn't have had every animal in the world on it, as every animal wasn't even on his continent. Evolution has been proved. That doesn't mean the spirit of God isnt in the bible, just use a little discernment and intelligence. If your looking for God he is there.
  • Pim Videoclips 2012-06-15 11:01:59
    if evolution is real, then why are monkeys still around, but not the creatures that evolved from them? we did not evolve from monkey's we share a common aunt sister also non life to life is abiogenises not evolution. evedince for evolution: Anatomical parahomology Molecular parahomology Anatomical convergence Molecular convergence Anatomical suboptimal function Molecular suboptimal function
  • The NBA Showtime 2012-06-15 06:47:06
    People do the Bible a disservice when they claim it's the infallible word of God's. If we just take it as any other piece of literature, it would be an amazing piece of art. However, when you examine it under the 'word of God' standard, the book is laughably absurd, immoral, and of course incorrect on almost everything we've discovered through science.
  • The NBA Showtime 2012-06-15 06:42:35
    OMG you're so ignorant on the topic of evolution. If you truly want to know the answers to your questions, pick up a book on evolution. If you want to remain ignorant on the issue and claim that the OPPOSITION doesn't know anything, don't take any action. Your choice.
  • Samuel Hill 2012-06-14 20:11:34
    Please don't feed the troll. Let him stumble under his bridge and die of starvation and loneliness.
  • Dlxxx159 2012-06-12 08:59:16
    tell DARKAUS THAT! he said that. ISAAC NEWTON discovered that. learn to read before posting.
  • mitchell holmes 2012-06-12 08:06:44
    What books have you been reading? Darwin had nothing to do with the discovery of gravity. We all learned this in the sixed grade! Where were you a sleep or chewing gum! Before you make a statement on how great athiesim is grt your fucking facts right or go back to kindergarden.You dumb ass hole... get it together
  • mitchell holmes 2012-06-12 07:46:03
    get off the pott cause u got shit for brains
  • mitchell holmes 2012-06-12 07:44:05
    thats bullshit u dont know facts regrading extincion 90 perccent of all the creatures who ever live on this planet have died
  • Zephaniah 2012-06-12 01:26:10
  • hermes de Assis 2012-06-07 04:42:37
    Lamentável mais uma vez. Tal como David e Golias, mais um filme com erros históricos e orçamento barato. O primeiro ainda tinha vantagem de ter Orson Welles no elenco e este?
  • AbrahamsYTC 2012-06-04 05:03:22
    I want to thank you; it is a rare occasion where one doesn't resort to immediate insults on YT,so thanks. And don't worry by the way; I have consulted many other people of this - including my own pastor, tutor, mom, oldest brother (who is a substitute pastor at his church when his pastor is gone), street preachers, youtube "evangelists", and yes... "God" himself - so I'm good :P. Nevertheless, we can agree to disagree. And likewise.

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