The Old Dark House (1932)

The Old Dark House (1932)

Director James Whale

Writer J.B. Priestley (from the novel by), Benn W. Levy (screen play)

Genre Comedy, Horror

Year 1932

Actors Boris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton, Lilian Bond

IMDB : 7.3 (5,421 votes)


Description Seeking shelter from a storm, five travelers are in for a bizarre and terrifying night when they stumble upon the Femm family estate.


  • summer rose 2016-01-17 01:18:19
    Why is a rooster crowing at night?
  • Mitch Grube 2016-01-10 23:00:24
    Bravo for the lost art of movies. One of the best. Love this atmospheric masterpiece!!!!
  • AltRockLover 2015-12-27 06:48:44
    Two thumbs way up! Great acting all around, moody and suspenseful. I'm sure it was no accident that the man who would go on to play Dr. Pretorius was named Femm lol. Not to be missed!
  • LUCINDA BAKER 2015-12-20 04:29:20
    This is one I watch over and over again - such a great cast and a perfectly wonderful storm raging outside the creepiest "old dark house" of any movie I've ever seen. "No beds...they can't have beds" - love that scary old lady!
  • Alex Tworkowski 2015-11-20 16:20:16
    Didn't think much of Karloff's performance. Thesiger and Wills were fantastic.
  • howard poole 2015-11-15 12:13:10
    I enjoy old Black & White 1930s horror movies . Its my only weakness
  • [email protected] 2015-11-05 02:38:20
    i used to have this movie on tape, i don't know what happened to it. THANK YOU! i love old scary films, especially with boris karloff,peter cushing,vincent price. and lionel atwell(i think that's his last name). anyway much appreciated.
  • John Doe ? 2015-11-03 12:55:39
    one of my favorites. thx for the upload.much respect.
  • Apsara A 2015-11-01 01:58:35
    Great movie to watch on this rainy Halloween!!
  • Mark Five 2015-10-31 16:34:13
    Penderel seems to be obsessed with Gladys's feet.
  • Ken Behrendt 2015-10-31 05:46:10
    Well, I found this movie somewhat slow moving. No real monsters here, just a disfigured butler (played by Karloff) and a pyromaniac kept locked up in the attic of a dark old house who gets released and recreates some mayhem at the end. Also, a few loose ends that are not explained as, for example, why does the butler react so remorsefully when he learns the pyromaniac has been killed? There is a bit of a love story inserted that makes the movie mildly interesting, however.
  • Garry Harville 2015-10-30 10:51:11
    Charles Laughton. One of the greatest actors of all time.
  • Paul Cornelius 2015-10-21 20:15:57
    Came here because of Cinemassacre.
  • sharpasaneraser 2015-10-21 07:45:31
    Laughton sounds a lot like Robin Williams
  • Mark Kirk 2015-10-17 08:03:40
    "Look there's Morgan" ! hHAHAHAHAhhhahAaha eeeeeAAAa
  • DoggyBongo 2015-09-25 00:02:29
    Spoiler The Hand on the bannister. Fuck me, clever. Surprised no one used that again. Yet
  • DoggyBongo 2015-09-24 23:48:12
    Thank you. Brilliant. Seriously, fucking excellent. I have a lot of respect for people like you who post this stuff. Thank you again, brother.
  • Lisa Coots Blackbear 2015-09-15 06:25:36
    Melvin Douglas was the man! I've seen several movies with him and his versatility is amazing. He can play any role with such sincerity. Love him!
  • Dan Warren 2015-09-12 23:47:44
    This is hilarious :)

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