Romeos (2011)

Romeos (2011)

Director Sabine Bernardi

Writer Sabine Bernardi (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2011

Actors Rick Okon, Maximilian Befort, Liv Lisa Fries, Felix Brocke

IMDB : 7.0 (2,419 votes)


Description Twenty year old Lukas (Rick Okon) is a female to male (FTM) Transsexual man, taking the steps through his gender reassignment treatment. His friendship with Ine (Liv Lisa Fries), who is lesbian, is making the changes and assimilation easier. Lukas sees his romantic world open up for him as Ine introduces him to gay life in Cologne. As he becomes more and more interested in a local gay boy (Maximilian Befort), things are getting more and more complicated. Should Lukas tell this boy who he really is?


  • Bergen Norway 2017-03-08 01:25:04
    The boy looks a little like Lance Black.
  • Ney Vin 2016-02-06 23:39:11
    please tell me what song is playing during the entire trailer , looking for a long time I can not find
  • Zepharius Be 2015-08-12 18:29:28
    "Manly sweat" Lol that was so me.
  • TomsStarGirl23 2015-05-17 21:10:38
    Did a analysis paper and presentation on this film. I LOVE this movie!
  • Meame Hmadi 2015-04-04 10:49:02
    but the ending..
  • FortuneSmeller 2015-02-26 12:52:07
    Trans representation, thank you so much
  • charith priyanga 2014-10-11 20:50:54
    i whont to now wath is the world but i am poor pipel in srilanka i whont visit and trawel
  • Dave Scott 2014-10-10 23:22:05 watch this movie on the link here. its really crazy movie. i liked it
  • andrewrocks10 2014-09-25 05:51:12
    I loved this so much
  • yoehadi1 2014-05-06 18:46:05
    Fine movie and more watching good,,,
  • jacob.c.w. Franken 2013-11-13 15:12:43
    All YouTube Videos are now, sinds abour one week, without sound. Why.?? Please Answer me.
  • victor avalos 2013-06-28 21:48:53
    where can i find the full movie? someone can help...
  • Crazy MoFo 2013-05-14 14:27:57
    Lukas is MAN !! Way to miss one of the major points of the movie ..
  • inotaishu1 2013-04-04 11:22:25
    Well it is a film about being transgender and lets face it there is next to no coverage of that topic in cinemas so naturally it would seem "weird". I mean the prostetics look very real, extremely real :D
  • 12345fokus 2013-03-09 22:28:01
    It's a great movie. Lukas is NOT a girl. A**
  • marcus asis 2012-12-14 16:45:46
    “Adolescence is a time of exploration and experimentation; as such sexual activity does not necessarily reflect either present or future sexual orientation. Confusion about sexual identity is not uncommon in adolescents. Many youth engage in same-sex behavior; attractions or behaviors do not mean that an adolescent is lesbian or gay. Moreover sexual activity is a behavior, whereas sexual orientation is a component of identity.
  • 19sunheart96 2012-12-13 17:45:03
    yes :-) I's a german film, by sabine Bernardi, and it's set in Cologne. :-)
  • nino villamarin 2012-10-06 17:30:50
    I like it! but honestly! this one of the weirdest movies that I've ever seen. :P I also like Fabio! He sooo HOT!! Love it! :))
  • Fuckoff 2012-09-20 15:25:42
    is this germany...?
  • kevin f 2012-09-09 16:09:53
    Whats the secret? I didnt catch anything out of the trailer!

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