Night Flight (2014)


Director Hee-il Leesong

Writer Hee-il Leesong (screenplay)

Genre Drama

Year 2014

Actors Si-Yang Kwak, Jae-Joon Lee, Jun-ha Choi, Chang-Hwan Kim

IMDB : 7.7 (322 votes)


Description Three teenage boys Yong-ju, Gi-Woong and Gi-Taek, were once best friends in middle school, but they become estranged from each other once they enter high school. While Yong-ju and Gi-Taek ...


  • Dizzaton 2017-02-23 15:07:05
    If this movie fucks me up as Boys Love 2 did, I'm not sure if I can watch it... seriously, my soul left my body for three days after watching that. And I watched it like 8 years ago, I consider it a traumatic experience for my teenage self... Buuut I know I will end up watching it anyway :c
  • 이 사람 한국인아니요 2017-02-19 13:20:02
    I've seen this movie many times. And it always makes me cry. I love this movie with all my heart for it's amazing, realistic story. Forever my the most favourite Asian movie.
  • jackie michel 2017-02-17 23:08:59
    Très beau film.
  • Oskar Karaka 2017-02-13 13:33:52
    Always remember han gi-woong :)
  • Oskar Karaka 2017-02-13 13:30:58
    The mouvie is so crazyyy. I crying all the time,,it's so hard n make nroken my heart :(:(
  • mas mataharibebas 2016-12-18 08:04:24
    Does somebody know the title of song for closing the movie and when gi woong watching the photographs?
  • abdalminator 2016-12-03 16:03:14
    what-what is this? so musch depression and no comedy at all :' ( The chemistry between lead actors superb (they often communicate with just eye contact, just watch). The story is realistic which makes it more depress
  • jaeho420 2016-11-21 03:08:02
    whats the song at 2:14???
  • Amina Nazir 2016-11-06 19:45:04
    Film stupendo, uno tra i migliori di questa categoria. La storia è davvero bella, i due prorogasti hanno fatto davvero un ottimo lavoro, sopratutto alla fine, mi viene ancora da piangere! Sicuramente lo riguarderò
  • Erik Seiler 2016-10-22 17:31:47
    un film excellent, très profond et impressionnant
  • Listen B.A.P - Wake Me Up on 7th March 2016-10-19 18:41:31
    i like bromance , it's the only 'fun' girls can have and it's not famous either. The movie was both awesome and hot but why Korea has to always use old men?? i mean there are soooooo many young boys. i never wanna see B.A.P in a bromance movie but still in compare to old men it would be less weird
  • Devorantem Magnus 2016-09-13 16:25:18
    Does this film have a sad ending?
  • HarlyQuinn XxX 2016-08-30 01:08:04
    I love this movie.... yeah and I cried many times
  • RONY HITALIA 2016-07-18 17:21:20
    one of the best-gay themed films. great two lead actors ( i cant believe the guy is from Park Bom's MV) i despise his fat bestfriend---what a fuckin snake be prepare to cry your heart out
  • Katy Kats 2016-07-11 09:55:23
    this movie was very well produced and the actors were amazing but it's so sad you're going to cry for 500 years then just cry again /////
  • Riku Koneko-chan 陸 2016-06-30 23:14:47
    does anyone know the name of the melody playing at the very beginning ?
  • Ceren Pekçalışkan 2016-06-25 02:17:39
  • Angelo Reyes 2016-05-30 15:03:16
    Is there anyone here knows the name of the two actors who portray young Yongju and young Giwoong?
  • Taylor Thomas 2016-05-13 14:55:51
    This was one of the best movies I've seen... So good
  • nolram read 2016-05-06 23:53:31
    what's the title of the english theme song!?

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