Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Director John Pasquin

Writer Marc Lawrence (characters), Katie Ford (characters), Caryn Lucas (characters), Marc Lawrence

Genre Action, Comedy, Crime

Year 2005

Actors Sandra Bullock, Regina King, Enrique Murciano, William Shatner

IMDB : 5.0 (53,015 votes)


Description After Cheryl Frasier and Stan Fields are kidnapped, Gracie goes undercover in Las Vegas to find them.


  • Kayipnesil01 2017-01-02 07:35:31
    I watched the first movie it was really fun but where is Eric :( It would be so fabulous to see them as a couple in second movie
  • Dr Electricity 2017-01-01 22:47:44
    Sandra Bullock bailed on the proposal for the main role in Million Dollar Baby for this... I am sure she did not regret it!
  • bigdanzvgm 2016-06-07 00:10:13
    cant wait till it comes out
  • gizzycat cat 2016-05-31 07:47:49
    Sandra Bullock should be ashamed of herself for making such a disgusting piece of shit. And that stupid Detric Bader was making fun of gay people. Fuck that fucking has been bitch Sandra Bullock. I'm glad Jesse cheated on her because SHE DESERVES THAT PAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  • Schwatvogel 2015-04-12 15:53:04
    "She's too young to die... and I'm not as old as I look!"
  • adventureswithtintin 2015-04-12 04:13:30
    I shipped Gracie and Eric, okay. Totally not okay with the sequel
  • S Wade 2014-12-03 06:38:06
    Looks really funny totally wanna see that!
  • juan1000806 2014-11-27 06:16:33
    both movies are funny
  • راشد السالك 2014-09-04 19:41:02
    not even half as good as the original..
  • juan1000806 2014-07-31 03:07:39
    i love this movie a lot
  • 89Animeknight2nd 2014-04-07 12:23:03
    I don't get it, Gracie never won the pageant, so why is she so popular?
  • Karma Windsor 2014-03-31 23:19:44
    why do they always have to make a sequel?
  • Sharayah H 2014-02-07 08:27:54
    "Hey! First of all, thank you for calling me skinny!"
  • Jhvhjh 2013-12-28 09:08:43
    Yay so happy bye
  • brianna wasyliw 2013-12-23 08:35:38
    I Already watched second one and it was amazing the awesome
  • Cheawa the Chihuahua 2013-11-03 03:33:43
    What's so good about being hot tempered? And she's a girl; it's dumb when people are impressed by a GIRL just because she acts MANly. Also, how is almost getting into a fight with someone "weak".
  • julie marrtinez 2013-10-13 18:33:19
    i cant believe she isn with the cop anymore its sad:(
  • Youtubeandme 2013-06-22 03:35:56
    love the first one..hope to fell the same way about the second.
  • Youtubeandme 2013-06-22 03:35:33
    true but i guess that is the only way to chow her change...
  • Angela Kut 2013-05-09 00:18:50
    I can't wait to watch this !

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