May (2002)

May (2002)

Director Lucky McKee

Writer Lucky McKee

Genre Drama, Horror

Year 2002

Actors Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris, James Duval

IMDB : 6.7 (27,337 votes)


Description When May was a child, she was a lonely girl with a lazy eye and without any friends except a weird and ugly doll kept in a glass case given by her bizarre mother on her birthday. May becomes a lonely, weird young woman, working in an animal hospital and assisting the veterinarian in surgeries and sewing operated animals most of the time. Her lesbian colleague Polly has a sort of attraction for her. When the shy May meets the mechanic Adam Stubbs, she loves his hands and has a crush on him. They date, but the weirdness and bizarre behavior of May pushes Adam away from her. Alone, May has a brief affair with Polly, but she feels rejected again when her colleague meets Ambrosia. When her doll is accidentally broken, the deranged May decides to build a friend for her, using the best parts her acquaintances can offer.


  • Classymaru Nara 2017-01-20 21:28:00
    put a bullet in that bitch head.
  • Jeremy Ho 2017-01-15 01:12:46
    why did the dolls case always crack ,o though the doll had an effect on mega personality
  • Gani Ganimade 2016-12-25 07:58:15
    think I have watched the whole movie by seeing the trailer.
  • Brittany Rose 2016-12-02 17:32:16
    I actually really enjoyed this movie...but the trailer ruins it... and this narrator sounds like he is talking about a fun family christmas film. Da fuq?
  • BonsaiI23 2016-10-28 13:04:01
    This is the perfect example for a really good movie beeing fucking spoiled by an uninspired, shitty trailer! This movie is actually quite heartbreaking and subtile in a way.
  • ryder reznik 2016-10-07 22:46:54
    ahhh this  trailer is such a spoiler! lol but still cool tho ...this movie is so fkg awesome
  • Gabriella Allen 2016-10-07 22:30:22
    I can't take this seriously with a narrator...i just can't
  • xjames118 2016-08-28 17:06:55
  • Zack C. 2016-08-06 07:26:26
    Seriously one of my all time favorite movies but this trailer is just awful.
  • DeathmetalIndian 2016-08-05 22:44:59
    This trailer makes It look like a comedy... and spoils the entire thing but sure. ok. do it.
  • lílα wєllѕ 2016-07-07 10:21:34
    This movie is really crazy and definitely one of the best. The ending is super creepy too!
  • Anneleen Hendrickx 2016-06-11 23:17:44
    EHRMEGED LESBIAN ACTION *added to to watch list*
  • Steven Topper 2016-05-16 13:59:58
    Classic movie.
  • srb4887 2016-02-15 05:47:47
    The music in this trailer is the worst.
  • Horrorfying 2016-01-02 00:11:52
    Glad I already saw the film. This trailer spoils the entire thing.
  • Watch Dawg 2015-12-26 08:26:15
    1:25 LEGS

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