The Man of My Life (2006)

The Man of My Life (2006)

Director Zabou Breitman

Writer Zabou Breitman, Agnès de Sacy

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2006

Actors Bernard Campan, Charles Berling, Léa Drucker, Jacqueline Jehanneuf

IMDB : 6.8 (910 votes)


Description On summer holiday in Provance, Frédéric meets Hugo and develops a powerful bond that threatens his family.


  • Cordney Manns 2016-02-13 10:50:35
    During the lake scene and that girl is singing...what's that song?
  • Cordney Manns 2016-02-13 10:13:25
    What is that song she was singing in this movie
  • Jerry Wulf 2013-10-16 20:47:14
    or perhaps "Part Duex?" ... :)
  • Jerry Wulf 2013-10-16 19:54:18
    ummmm is there a "Part 2??"
  • Omar Gil 2012-12-31 03:17:53
    NO it's not.
  • horofhay 2011-03-25 03:28:48
    @daisybell4 There's actually no cheating per se in the film; it's about people's needs changing and struggling to deal with it. Not so black and white as simply cheating, but more complex and perplexing emotions that can take people by surprise.
  • daisybell4 2011-02-08 21:59:13
    @Kelztje Lmao! Yep, that's pretty much what I get from it too! XD Although whether it's a guy or a girl, cheating on your family is just plain wrong.. -__-
  • Kelztje 2010-11-25 22:53:21
    @strawberrychewbar its brokeback in french
  • Rohan Hartshorn 2010-10-07 22:20:18
    so what's this film about?

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