The Man in the Lighthouse (2007)


Director Joselito Altarejos

Writer Lex Bonife (story), Joselito Altarejos (story), Lex Bonife (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Harry Laurel, Jennifer Lee, Justin De Leon, Crispin Pineda

IMDB : 5.8 (91 votes)


Description Mateo is a lighthouse caretaker dating a teacher Suzette. The small town they are in is trying to increase tourism. Jerome stumbles across Mateo and Suzette having sex, whilst he is on holiday from Manila. A local a gay man, who pays local teenage boys for sex, talks to Mateo about the negative aspects of being gay in the Philippines. According to local legend, a lighthouse fairy seduces desirable men who then never marry. Mateo's relationship with Jerome leads to self reevaluation.


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  • myKe frozenbaby 2012-12-22 01:14:08
    I don't know - like so many Gay-themed videos, the director or writer seem to think we can have a happy ending WITHOUT DRAMA, but this - as it is presented here is beautiful.
  • eugene avendaño 2012-11-27 05:36:45
    Ilang beses nagpakita si Harry Laurel ng private part nya dito may isang eksena kung saan niluhuran sya ng gf nya at kitang-kita na nakatelag ang nota nya huh!
  • Adrian 2012-05-14 17:14:31
    Somebody will help me with the title of the song? Thank you in advance...
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    This movie is title Ang Lalake Sa Parola. It is available as a DVD on
  • Malcolm Smith 2012-03-22 08:18:30
    Aw, that was adorable. Me likey, whats the name of this movie?

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