Lovers Vanished (2010)

Lovers Vanished (2010)

Director Chang-ho Cho

Writer Chang-ho Cho

Genre Romance

Year 2010

Actors Nam-gil Kim, Woo-seul-hye Hwang, Yun-min Jeong, Je-mun Yun

IMDB : 6.2 (97 votes)


Description This independent melodrama, a Korean Leaving Las Vegas (1995) according to its creator, depicts the fragile bonding of two people who thought they would never love again. He is an unjustly convicted chef who voluntarily contracts HIV from another inmate's needle in order to get released from prison. Then he can find out who really murdered his wife. She was a magician's assistant, who fell miserably in love with her boss. Now she runs a remote restaurant on the windswept coast of South Korean's Jeju island. Their paths cross after he escapes from prison, visiting the young woman at the request of a fellow inmate. She gives him a job as a chef, and they begin to get closer. Despite the relaxing seaside idyll and the ray of hope shining down on the characters' stark lives, happiness is forbidden them. A nationwide police search has begun for the fugitive and the inescapable threat of death from AIDS hangs over him every moment like a shadow.


  • Angga Nay 2017-02-08 14:52:12
    gk ada film nya sihhh....
  • Lucy Nguyen 2012-10-29 05:20:57
  • hellokitty7654321 2012-03-02 00:51:10
  • Hana nouch 2011-07-30 01:52:53
    @whitecarla the OST is by Big Mama it's called one day (하루만) :-)
  • Blackjack89 2010-11-23 23:43:26
    Such a great movie I really loved it when I went to see it...... and I even had the chance to meet its director, Cho Chang-Ho in France. He's a very nice guy and loves to laugh a lot. Chang Ho-sshi Hwaiting!!! Keep on making such great movies and no, don't worry, your movie isn't a "failure" at all... Lovers Vanished Jjang!!
  • shewolf 2010-06-22 23:35:43
    looks beautiful! must watch it (':
  • Kubera 2010-06-10 18:56:06
    @kazuupichan i know that there are 4 episodes.. but ive just seen the first one cuz for the other episodes you need vikii and im not gonna install the vikii plug in.. im just gonna wait patiently till they upload other mirrors like wat or dailymotion.. got it?
  • kazuupichan 2010-06-10 15:43:29
    @TokyoDogz what are you talking about, all the episodes up to 4 are uploaded and they are of high quality....hmmm...but viikii is doing well with bad guy
  • kazuupichan 2010-06-10 15:42:24
    goodness. I need to see this for kim nam gil!
  • Kubera 2010-06-07 22:14:03
    that dude is just cute.. already love him in Bad Guy.. and i ive only seen the first episode.. crappy vikii..
  • care0604 2010-05-19 17:33:28
    kim nam gil i love u!!!
  • hani baek 2010-05-17 05:12:16
    Parang Maganda..... I'll look for it!!! :-)
  • Chee Ya 2010-04-22 04:33:48
    @bhangsky0710 try looking at mysoju, sis. maraming korean movies dun.
  • Mary Nesther Natavio 2010-03-23 09:48:37
    lol..yeah i also wonder why he always became dead at the end of a movie.. try to watch portrait of a beauty, he was also dead there at the end..sad but great movie!
  • esoravi 2010-03-20 15:39:53
    kim nam i love you so much! I don't understand a word he saying but just the sound of his voice make me dizzy. He has the cutest shape mouth......Can't wait to see him in more drama I hope a action one I love when he was fighting in "Lover" he look so hot!!!!!
  • Dhigzexy vite 2010-03-12 11:22:41
    like to watch it too...guys bidam will appear next wk episode of QSD at gma7 watch for KNG too!
  • Bhangsky Zuleta 2010-03-11 04:34:26
    Hi! Thank's for uploading this video citiyoung...... I'm from the Philippines, I want to watch this movie too but I don't know if this will be shown also here in our country..... so sad to think of it......... any suggestions please.....
  • Kriz Akki 2010-03-10 18:49:27
    Sad, there's not even a kissing scene in QSD -_- Hopefully there'll be another series starring KNG and yo won, and with more sweet scenes!
  • Qin Yi Koh 2010-03-09 09:35:42
    omg. please don't die again. have a happy ending for once unlike in queen seon deok and the show with jin shun.