Lonesome Cowboys (1968)

Lonesome Cowboys (1968)

Director Andy Warhol, Paul Morrissey

Writer Paul Morrissey

Genre Western

Year 1968

Actors Viva, Tom Hompertz, Louis Waldon, Eric Emerson

IMDB : 5.7 (367 votes)


Description In the wild wild west, Ramona Alvarez and her perpetually stoned nurse run into five gay cowboys. The seven members of the party desire a handsome male drifter, except for the transvestite sheriff, who can't be bothered about anything but his outfit. All hot & bothered at this point, the cowboys rape Ramona, who subsequently has sex with the drifter and, in the afterglow of sex, wants to form a suicide pact with him. The drifter rejects her new desire and rides off into the sunset with another man.


  • irish66 2016-10-13 14:34:36
    I;m wondering if Tarantino saw this. it reminds me of first scene with Jackson and Travolta in pulp fiction.
  • Blake Gildaphish 2015-11-17 20:12:37
    it seems that happiness is just a thing called Joe.
  • Jeremy Shellhase 2015-09-06 21:05:27
    Saw this in about 1970. I'd love to see it again, but it seems to be totally out of print. One of the funniest lines was near the end, two cowboys talking "...it's time to settle down, get married, have some kids and get ready for world war one..." rough paraphrase anyway. And yea, Joe's hot.
  • Deidre M Ccalla 2015-06-14 02:04:53
    Joe is so sexy.....
  • Los Comunistas 2013-08-02 09:22:24
    try the label human instead
  • HotBlodBorika 2013-04-27 07:09:20
    basszus ezek a kávbojok:))
  • Achilles0990 2013-04-02 06:19:09
    Andy Warhol never did one thing that WASN'T pretentious.
  • Rob Moran 2013-01-31 02:48:07
    I like joe and he gave good head.
  • Luka B 2012-10-17 09:01:22
    hahahahahahah oh this is so great
  • randall2020 2012-07-04 16:09:41
    The quality of the filming and the photography make me wonder if it wasn't Paul Morrissey who shot this film. He also made Flesh, Trash, and Heat, etc--often attributed to Warhol. All are great movies, but perhaps his best is Forty Deuce.
  • quogir1 2012-01-25 16:58:09
    a movie especially for women
  • Lasse Herskind 2011-12-15 14:03:03
    The thing about Andy Warhol is, that he sees the beauty of everything.. I think the point of his movies is to notice the beauty. For example, the film 'Eat' shows a man eating a mushroom, and if you can see the bautiful in a man eating a mushroom, you can see the beauty in everything.. And if you are able to see the beauy in everything, you're very lucky
  • joce sta 2011-12-13 21:04:41
    fuck his movies films or what ever were so pointless gay and boring as fuck
  • Ronald Deron Twohatchet 2011-11-26 21:18:33
    Decades before Brokeback Mountain.
  • Frances Fagan 2011-09-23 07:50:46
    It puts meat on the bones. Cue the airplane.
  • Orsley 2011-08-28 05:57:44
    @tonlo92 -- A "PAL" (European) DVD will play in your computer or on a BlueRay player.
  • Juan Dando 2011-05-12 11:54:50
    WOW Eric Emerson WOW
  • tonlo72 2011-04-21 15:41:45
    Do you know where I can locate a this movie that will play on USA DVD players? Every copy I come across is for European DVD players. I would love to add it to my Warhol collection.

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