Little Ashes (2008)

Little Ashes (2008)

Director Paul Morrison

Writer Philippa Goslett

Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

Year 2008

Actors Javier Beltrán, Robert Pattinson, Matthew McNulty, Marina Gatell

IMDB : 6.6 (7,513 votes)


Description About the young life and loves of artist Salvador Dalí, filmmaker Luis Buñuel and writer Federico García Lorca.


  • jagcf 2016-03-09 23:29:35
    This trailer brought me x - ray dog and time will tell, I will always be greatful for that!
  • Enrique Escalona 2015-09-01 02:18:55
    ¡Viva la "LEVOLUCIÓN"!
  • tomasz t 2015-06-26 14:26:02
    It's so frustrating to see that the movie claims Dali was a gay. He himself admitted he wasn't. The film is merely fantasy of the director.
  • tomasz t 2015-06-26 14:24:47
    "He was homosexual [about Lorca], as everyone knows, and madly in love with me. He tried to screw me twice .... I was extremely annoyed, because I WASN'T HOMOSEXUAL, and I wasn’t interested in giving in. Besides, it hurts. So nothing came of it. But I felt awfully flattered vis-à-vis the prestige. Deep down I felt that he was a great poet and that I owe him a tiny bit of the Divine Dalí's asshole. He eventually bagged a young girl, and she replaced me in the sacrifice. Failing to get me to put my ass at his disposal, he swore that the girl's sacrifice was matched by his own: it was the first time he had ever slept with a woman"  Alain Bosquet "Conversations with Dali"
  • Shadi 2015-05-01 17:52:15
    It's funny because Lorca didn't speak about Franco. Before the Civil War, Franco wasn't an important person to talk about for these artists. Lorca was gay, and he was "red" (I don't know how to describe it in English xD, the "reds" was the name given to the republicans by the winners of the war), but he had never spoken about Franco. XDD I'm going to watch the film, but I have heard that it has lots of mistakes, and the trailer proves it XDDD
  • Alexei Romanov 2015-02-05 05:52:59
    awesome film!
  • earl / asfast earl / asfast 2013-08-30 06:18:11
    He was chosen for the role Because he's " Pretty " yeah I said it...He played the Vampire because he's "Pretty"...He has not grown into a great actor, but he is well on his way... Most people will always see him as the vampire, because they choose to....I want to see Robert grow into his art and played in this movie will steer him in the right direction of the art.... [email protected]
  • robsessedddxoxo 2013-06-04 14:31:45
    Robert is such a great actor and if youre going to hate him just because you dislike twilight then you are missing out the great things in life
  • breadcrumbs 2013-05-28 21:14:30
    actually, I'd say the film is more about Lorca than Dali, more specifially their relationship and how it affected both of them. also, it's about what he was like before he became THE Dali we all know, which in my opinion is an interesting idea, I wasn't really expecting that. oh and also, javier beltran was the real star in this film imo. amazing, heart-breaking performance by both of them, but especially beltran.
  • The Light 2013-05-19 15:52:47
  • Vishnu Prasad 2013-05-05 20:24:40
    "Water for Elephants", "Cosmopolis" and "Little Ashes" show that Robert Pattinson is not just Edward Cullen. He's a talented actor and he aspires to do some really good cinema. You've got to appreciate him.
  • Lunacordelia 2013-03-28 23:54:57
    i might just have to watch this.
  • Imogen Taylor 2013-01-08 18:50:39
    Robert Pattinson is NOT just Edward Cullen!! And you should respect that he's not a vampire he is an actor who acts, after all that's what they're paid to do.
  • megranita 2012-12-24 01:48:49
    i think why he was chosen though , to gather as many fans of twilight & teenagers & give them a chance to be exposed to dali's art
  • thesillymill 2012-11-10 14:28:11
    it's about salvador dali
  • supperunknown 2012-08-14 20:19:16
    Is the any movie good? legit question
  • Lisa Gains 2012-04-15 19:08:44
    it's not something i'm used to seeing him playing..but he is good.
  • Jasmyne Keimig 2011-12-30 08:48:37
    i want to do it to matthew mcnulty so hard, fuuuuuck
  • Rakel Rose 2011-12-09 20:42:45
    @skluttie14 he's not worthy of playing Dali
  • Rakel Rose 2011-12-09 20:41:58
    What a disgrace to Dali to have this poor acting displaying his life. There are much better options for actors. Nobody can capture Dali, but especially not a sparkly vampire.

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