Leather Jacket Love Story (1997)

Leather Jacket Love Story (1997)

Director David DeCoteau

Writer David DeCoteau (story), Jerry Goldberg (story), Rondo Mieczkowski (screenwriter), Rondo Mieczkowski (story)

Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year 1997

Actors Sean Tataryn, Christopher Bradley, Geoff Moody, Héctor Mercado

IMDB : 6.2 (361 votes)


Description In this gay romantic comedy tinged with a bit of fetish, teen Kyle (Sean Tataryn) is a hopeful poet who, bored with his superficial life and West Hollywood friends, decides to move to the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, an area which he thinks is edgier and more artistic. Just after moving, Kyle discovers a neighborhood coffee shop, where he is hoping to get his poetic juices flowing, but instead meets a motorcycle riding 30-year-old carpenter (Christopher Bradley). Will their one night stand turn into something more?


  • Kelly Brown 2016-07-07 06:03:09
    "Mike" you were so amazing!
  • Orie Thompson 2016-01-11 17:06:45
    hot for any era!
  • Michael 2015-12-28 00:01:05
    Christopher Bradley was my film teacher! Wow, this is so crazy to see him on screen, and even more in a gay love story. He's such a stud.
  • EnigmaBoi85 2014-08-20 01:09:20
    only just recently saw this. and it was a brilliant film, slightly camp at times but I'm amazed on how far it actually pushed things, it took a good laugh at stereotypes but at the same time, taught good lessons too. it was a comedy with meaning I look forward to someday buying this film.. I hope if i see anymore of your films I'll love them as much as this one.
  • Mac Day 2014-06-13 23:53:51
    Mike is my dream man, Christopher Bradley never looked hotter. Smokin!
  • tampadude2011 2014-01-15 23:53:23
    This was at the gay film festival in Tampa when it first came out i missed it but always wanted to see the whole thing.
  • Ian Yeates 2014-01-05 02:00:34
    Mike is hot
  • Sasa Gavanski 2013-11-28 13:04:03
    I loved that movie! :)
  • Pierre 2013-08-20 17:25:23
    ...waiting for a part II !!! please
  • Raul Wagner 2013-07-26 03:27:29
    como se llama la pelicula, muy bien logrado el corte para este lugar
  • kenrikun 2013-03-26 20:15:45
    Holy crap. This movie used to keep me up at night.
  • Richard St.Clair 2013-03-26 04:43:38
    I love this movie. One of my favorites. "I bet it smells like Fresh Baked Bread" I use this line a lot.
  • homemadehuman 2013-02-22 09:13:59
    lmao . what is UP with that baby's t-shirt? other than that..hottest mofo EVER.
  • Harry 2013-01-22 22:12:59
    WOOF! Mike you are one hot fucker!
  • Mac Day 2013-01-16 02:19:41
    Christopher Bradley in that leather jacket.... scheeeebong! If I was Kyle id be drooling non stop for a week. Lucky fucker.
  • Bryan Landry 2012-12-06 08:12:09
    Love this movie
  • WhiteFlowerLei76 2012-12-01 03:25:11
    I saw this in Portland, Oregon at Cinema 21. It's one of the hottest films and a favorite. Funny thing is I just saw a page for Sean Tataryn (Kyle) on Facebook boy has he changed lol... Someone should add a photo for the movies wikipedia page.
  • cmmolthr 2012-08-19 00:27:44
    I remember seeing this film with a friend at the Ken Cinema here in San Diego (an old 30s single cinema theater) Great Job!
  • cainta7 2012-08-05 04:02:35
    Hi, Does anyone know the name of the coffeehouse this movie was filmed at? I used to live across the street from it and can't remember the name. It was right next to a theatre and El Conquistador Restaurant. Thanks!
  • Hairya Beary 2012-03-19 07:56:40
    Man...wish someone would pick me up like that!! Can we see this movie online somewhere?

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