Le weekend (2007)

Le weekend (2007)

Director Timothy Smith

Writer Nyah Farier, Timothy Smith

Genre Short, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Omar, Fernando Peres, Val Rassi

IMDB : 4.4 (184 votes)


Description A young, cynical French film student comes to London for the weekend to make a film project for his course. Disillusioned by his London experience, he's befriended by a stranger who shows him a side of the city, and himself, that he never would have seen. The story unfolds through his Super 8 film footage, and his voice-over narration gives us an insight into his thoughts and feelings throughout the journey.


  • holly 2014-03-11 11:54:58
    Trailer is misleading (as usual!) it's a great film but very sad and hard to watch at times as they both hit rock bottom in their marriage. It definitely isn't a rom com about a second honeymoon that's for sure.
  • MAKEITWORK 2013-11-05 19:13:48
    this is what would have happened if Jack and Marion from "2 Days in Paris" stayed together

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