Last Days (2005)

Last Days (2005)

Director Gus Van Sant

Writer Gus Van Sant

Genre Biography, Drama, Music

Year 2005

Actors Michael Pitt, Lukas Haas, Asia Argento, Scott Patrick Green

IMDB : 5.8 (19,101 votes)


Description A Seattle musician's life and career are reminiscent to those of Kurt Cobain.


  • stenkol glenn 2012-05-17 20:55:00
    dafuq? i thought it was a joke... is it any good?
  • Adma Degery 2012-04-23 12:31:42
    Courtney love wouldn't probably have let the film makers use the real names or music
  • pastelziall 2012-04-22 15:17:04
    Chill guys, the movie was based on Kurt's life, but is about a fictional character and not Kurt.
  • dipanjan d 2012-03-01 14:01:33
    @WiKstErRkg94 but this is a fictionalised version of it.the name of the guy is not same to our own kurt cobain.
  • Pulse Betrays 2011-08-11 07:38:57
    @WiKstErRkg94 im sorry to tell you the news he is right handed
  • Whateverschannel 2011-08-08 10:51:41
    @WiKstErRkg94 it's not about kurt cobain, it's an inspired movie by kurt cobain's life moron
  • WiKstErRkg94 2011-07-06 16:05:34
  • manuel eduardo 2011-04-02 21:16:24
    kurt cobain wasn't a life model, just was a great great artist..
  • connorthesaucejones 2011-03-14 20:17:33
    @BF2User5 you shouldn't think that way. he described it as embarrasing when somebody would act like he was a god for being in a good band
  • savethewordpeace 2011-02-19 02:03:33
    lol the dress. i remember nirvana would wear dresses...haha
  • kellierose0 2010-12-01 21:53:20
    This made me cry...
  • Dylan Parker 2010-02-16 06:16:07
    I saw this on dvd a couple of years ago, it could have been great but it was a let down
  • chucksbrain 2010-01-26 03:18:49
    The movie shoulda been about how he was actually happy and quite Nirvana and Courtney had him killed .. I didnt see this and can already tell that the acting and everything is horrible
  • Greg Brantley 2009-12-25 03:25:31
    out of the movie the best thing was the sunglasses...great thing this wasnt in theatres it wouldve caused a riot on an unseen level
  • Dakoda Howard 2009-10-31 20:41:43
    this is the worst movie ever if u r a fan do not watch it i am a bif fan of nirvana but this movie was terriable
  • XxXLindseywayXxX 2009-09-06 16:30:45
    why was he in a dress?
  • anijanka 2009-08-02 00:04:28
    Hi, u know the movie "the last days Kurt cobain",does anybody play Courtney love in it? is it the women that comes to talk to him about his daughter?
  • anijanka 2009-07-30 23:19:12
    where can I get this movie? Can't find it on e-bay
  • Kongfoo Fourtytwo 2008-08-24 18:16:19
    is this movie out on dvd already?

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